Climbing Wall Staff

Josh Madura

My favorite climbing experience would be when I went to Bishop and lead my first 5.11 outside called “Walk the Yellow Line”. I first got into climbing my freshman year and although I struggled with it, I immediately loved it. As Head Routesetter I love watching people climb a route, get stuck, and figure out how to get through it. The name of my first ascent would be “Beta Breaker”.





Tristan Sipe

One of my favorite climbing experiences actually took place in December of 2016; I went on an amazing climbing trip with some of my friends from the rock wall and we had a blast.  It was amazing to wake up everyday surrounded by mountains and psyched to crush. 
I love working here at the SSU climbing wall because we have an awesome community of climbers and our staff works incredibly hard to make all of our participants feel welcome.  I started my climbing career here at our campus wall and I always look forward to giving new participants the same stoke and enthusiasm for climbing that was instilled in me when I first began.
If I were to achieve first ascent of a route I would name it “Freebird”.  That is what my dad named his first sailboat, and he has always inspired me to pursue my climbing/outdoor adventures. 


Wren Wilson

My favorite climbing experience is the day I got to climb with Kevin Jorgeson. Climbing with him inspired me to work towards my climbing goals and to really appreciate the sport.
What I like most about the SSU climbing wall is the community it creates. It is a place where students can come together to improve their climbing, get out
of their comfort zone, and to simply have fun.




Ali Ebersole

My favorite time climbing was when I was eight and my dad took me to this place in San Francisco.
The thing I like the most about the SSU climbing wall is all the new people I get to meet. 
If I achieved a first ascent of a route I would name it Mount Ebersole.






Jeffrey Booher-Kaeding

My favorite climbing experience was when I first started climbing and everyone around was so friendly and encouraged me to try harder and achieve. I like the flexibility and cozy feeling of our wall, and routes change very often so I always find something to work on. I’d call my first ascent “Over-thinker"



Misha Kuklin

Discovering the climbing wall as a college freshman, invigorated my experience at Sonoma State. I found a sport that felt entirely fitting and forces you to utilize your entire body. The challenge and satisfaction connected to rock climbing got me hooked, but the community here kept me coming back. I now spend most of my free time at the rock wall because it's a place to distress and forget about your problems. There's really nothing like it.



Brooke Muradian

My favorite climbing experience was last summer in Thailand. I love the climbing wall's glorious arch & the people I work with of course haha. I don’t know what I would name a route if I achieved a first ascent, it depends on the crux... It'd definitely be something punny for sure. 





Sarah Edmonds

My favorite climbing experience was taking my brother climbing for the first time. It was an amazing feeling to share my passion with him and see him having a good time. I love the SSU climbing wall because it's an encouraging and inviting place for everyone. The ability to make everyone feel welcomed is my favorite part. I hope to one day name my first ascent "Tiny Dinosaurs"




John Salman

My favorite climbing experience was the second day I ever climbed. A friend and I had spent an entire day trying to climb over the lip of an overhung boulder route and neither of us succeeded. We returned the next day to try again, only this time we were very sore and the skin on some fingers had ripped. However, we kept trying and I remember the satisfaction I felt finally gripping a hold that I had been failing at for the last two days. I love our wall because it's maintained by the student-climbers in hopes that we can foster a love for the sport that we give so much of our lives to. If I got the first ascent of a route I would name it "Salmon-Ladder".


Lee Hughes

Throughout my time as a climber and employee of the climbing wall I have discovered one of the best resources on campus. Funny enough, in a room surrounded by concrete walls and plastic holds I have been able to grow stronger both mentally and physically. The supportive fellow climbers have pushed me past the constant barriers which have continued as I explore the world of outdoor climbing. In my short climbing career my favorite experience was at Wagon Caves. I was able to gain a new respect for the athleticism and consistent resolve required to climb at any level outdoors. My climbing path still continues and maybe one day I will climb a new route and have the opportunity to name it “Climbable Rock Path”, because why not.

Alicia Zajaczkowski

My favorite climbing memory is the day that I climbed outdoors for the first time! We drove to Mt. St. Helena and the weather was beautiful. My friends who went with me were very supportive of me as I was a complete beginner! I love working at the climbing wall because it’s like a little community of people who are kind and support one another. And if I were to have a first ascent, I’d probably name it “The Zajaczkowski” because my last name is so crazy, and I’d watch people try and pronounce it.

Ben Galper

I like pie more than climbing. 
If it's too hot for pants, it's too hot for climbing.