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Being "in shape" is very important to your safety and enjoyment of many of our programs. You must take the responsibility to determine your physical condition accurately. The trip ratings are a basic guideline to help determine your physical condition as it best relates to the ODP Program. 

A relaxing trip with minimal physical exertion involved.  You can expect to still be challenged, but infrequently.  Suitable for someone in good health, yet does not participate in a routine exercise program other than their normal everyday routine.
Your muscles may ache but nothing too hardcore.  These activities can require a moderate amount of physical exertion and/or commitment. Participation can be mandatory, once an activity has begun, in order to return to  the point of origin. Suitable for someone who participates in weekend activities that may include hiking, cross country or downhill skiing, mountain or road biking, etc. They may be participating in 1 or 2 exercise sessions per week that increase their cardiovascular conditioning.  Climbing trips at this level require previous experience and include the ability to effectively top-rope belay.
Prepare to face a mental and physical challenge.  These activities require a high degree of physical exertion that may be sustained over the course of the trip. These activities may take place in remote areas over extended periods of time.  Suitable for persons engaged in routine cardiovascular workouts three to four times a week.  Climbing trips at the level may require previous lead climbing experience and the ability to lead and top-rope belay.

While we proactively address and manage risk as much as possible, all ODP trips will have some degree of risk involved.  We do our best to educate our participants on the specific risks of each trip or activity so they can make informed decisions about what risks they are willing to accept.  Each participant is required to submit an Acknowledgement of Risk and Waiver form as well as a Medical Questionnaire prior to taking part in a trip.  Safety is always our first priority. 

ODP trips are designed to fit the needs of participants of all skill levels.  For beginners, all the skills you need for the trip will be taught on the trip.  Those with more experience can always find new ways to challenge themselves, refine their skill set or take on leadership opportunities within the group.   

All of our prices include experienced instructors, campground permits, maps, food (on multi day trips), group gear such as stoves, water filters, tents, first aid and cook kits. Trip fees also include the price of group transportation and gas expenses so there are no hidden costs!   

ODP’s student leaders are some of the most adventurous, fun loving individuals you’ll find at Sonoma State. Trip Leaders are trained in CPR and Wilderness First-Aid at a minimum, however many hold higher certifications in wilderness medicine.  Trip leaders with appropriate experience are chosen based on the technical, physical, and intellectual demands of each trip.  Occasionally, we will do trips with a high degree of risk and technical ability required.  We often utilize professional outdoor outfitters and instructors to supplement our student leaders.  The unique expertise, leadership style, and approach of each trip leader will help cultivate a memorable experience for all. Often trip leaders emerge and come to us because of an amazing experience they had on one of our trips as a participant! 

To maintain the viability of our program, we cannot give refunds unless the trip is canceled by ODP. On occasion we are forced to cancel trips due to inclement weather or low enrollment. If you have already paid for a trip but cannot attend we recommend you sell the trip spot to someone else. The ODP office staff is willing to help you in this process. 

Come to the Outdoor Resource Center during office hours located on the 1st floor of the Recreation Center or call us at (707) 664-DIRT.  You can also sign up at the Rec Center front desk anytime.  Trips can be paid for with cash, check or credit card and are sold on a first-come-first-served basis. Sign up early to ensure your spot!

Signing up for a trip is as simple as visiting the Recreation Center, located across from the Student Center, and inquiring at the front desk. If you want to streamline this process please visit the Registration and Forms page and bring in signed copies of the ODP Trip Waiver and Medical Form.

Participants are expected to refrain from any drug, alcohol or tobacco use on all ODP trips. All participants must attend a pre-determined pre-trip meeting to meet trip leaders, discuss trip logistics and fill out a waiver and medical form.

Have an idea for an amazing outdoor adventure?  We can help plan, facilitate and even lead a customized trip. Whether you are an academic class, organized club, athletic team, community group, or simply a group of friends, we can work with you to plan an unforgettable experience!  Please note: Contact us at least 3 weeks in advance of your proposed trip date so that we have adequate time to plan.  The longer lead time you give us the more options we have.