Outdoor Pursuits Trips

Beginning with its inception in the early 90’s, Outdoor Pursuits has been comprised of a group of SSU students, faculty and staff who share a love for the outdoors and sharing it with others! At Outdoor Pursuits we consider ourselves stewards of the earth and we are continuously evolving our methods of practicing minimum impact philosophies, educating about sustainability and working to facilitate safe and ecologically sound activities. In attempting to infuse more sustainable practices in each of our trips all meals are vegetarian and primarily organic.

Outdoor Pursuits offers many trips, workshops and programs for the Sonoma State University Community each semester! Our programs include activities such as hiking, backpacking, sea kayaking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, mountaineering, cycle touring, mountain biking, hot spring soaking, backcountry cooking and camping. To supplement our programs ODP also offers a range of Wilderness Medicine courses and Wilderness Orientation experiences throughout the year. While our trips and courses may vary in terms of commitment and physical demands, all trips are designed for those with little or no prior experience in mind. Outdoor Pursuits trips are a great way to gain knowledge and experience with outdoor skills, make new friends, escape into the natural world and explore the limits of what you are capable of! All trips will include components on leave no trace outdoor ethics, principles and practices.

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ODP trips are open to the student body at Sonoma State University and the public at large. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian but are welcome on our trips.
Signing up for a trip is as simple as visiting the Recreation Center, located across from the Student Center, and inquiring at the front desk. If you want to streamline this process please visit the Registration and Forms page and bring in signed copies of the Outdoor Pursuits Waiver and Medical form.
All of our prices include experienced instructors, campground permits, maps, food (on multi day trips), group gear such as stoves, water filters, tents, first aid and cook kits. Trip fees also include the price of group transportation and gas expenses. In some cases, we hire professional guide services to assist us with our trips. The cost of the guide is also included in the cost.
Any personal gear (pg), or personal snacks. Personal gear may include items such as water bottles, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, headlamps, clothing, etc… Fortunately, most of these items are for rent through the Outdoor Resource Center.

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Dates: 3/2-3/4 | Registration Deadline: 2/23 at midnight
Cost: $80 for students, $60 for staff and $110 for the public

Come explore the towering Redwood forests in Northern California's oldest state park. Nestled in the Santa Cruz mountains, Big Basin offers cool climates and unique wildlife like the banana slug!

Level: Beginner

Dates: 3/2-3/4 | Registration Deadline: 2/23 at midnight
Cost: $110 for students, $80 for staff and $150 for the public

It's ladies weekend in Big Sur! Come explore the beautiful Redwood Forests and California's Central Coast while driving into women's wellness topics with the Hub.

Level: Beginner

Dates: 3/16-3/24 | Registration Deadline: 3/9 at midnight
Cost: $240 for students, $170 fot staff and $320 for the public
Join Outdoor Pursuits on this expedition of a lifetime! Take a week to explore the beautiful landscapes that might soon be only a memory. Come say farewell to many of our national parks that have been reduced and affected by climate change. We will be taking a tour of Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and the Grand Staircase making it an epic adventure you'll never forget.

Level: Intermediate

    Dates: 4/13-4/15 | Registration Deadline: 4/6 at midnight
    Cost: $70 for students, $50 for staff and $90 for the public

    Backpack above the treeline in the Desolation Wilderness while dipping your feet in the cool waters of Lake Aloha and Lake Gilmore. Come see for yourself why hundreds of people flock to this kingdom of granite.

    Level: Intermediate

Dates: 4/27-4/29 | Registration deadline: 4/20 at midnight
Cost: $90 for students, $60 for staff and $120 for the public

Spend the weekend traversing through the famous, grand wilderness that is Yosemite Valley. In the words of naturalist John Muir: "Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt." Spend a weekend at the foot of some of the most infamous mountains in the world!

Level: Beginner

    Dates: 5/5-5/6 | Registration deadline: 4/27 at midnight
    Cost: $260 for students, $250 for staff and $360 for the public

    If you like water adventures, this is the trip for you! Outdoor Pursuits will be partnering with Blue Water Kayaking for this overnight expedition on Lake Sonoma. We will spend the day kayaking across the fresh blue waters to our campsite on the grassy bluffs along Lake Sonoma.

    Level: Beginner