Trips Offered

August 13-19, 2017

All Wilderness Welcome Program trips are led by senior trip leaders that have undergone extensive training (~200 hours) in the field and classroom.

Click on the links below to be re-directed to the registration page.  After registering, you will receive a confirmation and welcome e-mail from us with further instructions, medical forms, and waivers.  See you on the trail!

Tahoe Backpacking:
Early Bird: $125 Before July 15 | $150 After July 15
For those seeking a back­country adventure, join us for an all week backpacking trip through the majestic Desolation Wilder­ness! Sleep under a blanket of stars while hiking moun­tains, swim in crystal clear lakes and relax under the awe of the granite that towers around you! Clear your mind in the midst of breathtaking scenery while you and your peers prepare for your first year of college at SSU.


Pt. Reyes Backpacking and Kayaking:
Early Bird: $300 Before July 15 |$350 After July 15
Get a mix of adventure by practicing your kayaking and backpacking skills! Start your trip backpacking through Point Reyes National Sea­shore and end it with a wet n’ wild adventure. Experience the amazing Tomales Bay and one of its famous attractions, the bioluminescent phytoplankton! Dip your paddle into the bay and watch as the water lights up around you! Camp on the beach for your final night and sit around the toasty campfire. Test your limits, explore and enjoy some relaxation on the beach for this beautiful hybrid where backpacking meets the sea!


Lassen National Park Backpacking:
Early Bird: $125 Before July 15 | $150 After July 15
Venture to Northern Cal­ifornia’s Lassen Volcanic National Park on this journey of a lifetime!
Backpack for the week, ex­ploring the meadows freckled with wildflowers, clear moun­tain lakes, and numerous volcanoes that this area has to offer. Watch the sunrise in this quiet paradise with fellow in­coming freshmen or transfer students to help you feel at ease in your transition to our university.

Additional Information:

Included in the trip prices are:
All group gear:
·    Tents
·    Water filters
·   Backpacks
·   Sleeping bags/pads
·   Head lamps
·   Etc.

·    Permits
·    Food for the entire duration of Wilderness Welcome
·    Transportation
·    Instruction

Not Included in trip prices are:
·    Boots/socks
·    Rain Gear
·    Hats
·    Etc..
·     Sunscreen
·     Tooth paste
·     Deodorant
·     Etc..
Utensils and bowls/cups