Bike Rental Program

Spring 2018 Registration is Now Open Online

The Campus Recreation bike rental program aims to offer Sonoma State students a low-cost, convenient opportunity to use active, sustainable transportation on campus and in the community during their time at SSU. The program seeks to popularize alternative modes of transportation, lessen greenhouse gas emissions associated with travel to and from the campus, and create a sense of community through ridership. The program was started in 2017 with the help of a grant from the California State Student Association’s Greenovation fund, which supports student sustainability efforts across the CSU system.

Campus Recreation owns a fleet of single-speed, cruiser bicycles with coaster brakes that students can rent on a first-come, first-serve basis at the beginning of each semester.

To rent a bicycle a student can reserve a bike online (look under the reservations tab), fill out an agreement form, and provide a credit card and student ID. The student will then be charged $35.00 for the rental. That’s less than .33 cents a day! A quick note on reservations; If a student reserves a bike that bike is taken out of inventory and we expect you to come pick it up. We have a limited number of bikes, so please be responsible and if you change your mind after reserving let us know!

The student may keep the bicycle in their possession until the last day of finals week each semester. The student will incur a $10 per day late fee for each day the bike is late. Bikes returned over two weeks late will be deemed stolen and the student will be responsible for replacing the cost of the bike. A hold may be placed on a student’s SSU account if the bike is not replaced.

For additional questions/information, contact the Outdoor Resource Center

707-664-DIRT (3478)