Bike Rental Program FAQ's

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To rent a bicycle, students can come into the Outdoor Resource Center at Campus Recreation during the rental period, fill out an agreement form, and provide a credit card and student ID. The student will be charged for the rental upon receiving the bike, which will include free bike maintenance throughout the semester, not including replacement parts.

Felt Bixby, single-speed cruiser bicycles from Mike’s Bikes are available in a variety of colors.

Bike rentals cost $35 per student, per semester.  That’s less than .33 cents a day!

Well the bike of course!  A u-lock with a single key, free labor at the ORC for minor repairs/ flats/ tune-ups are also included.

Helmets, bike parts including tubes, pedals, brake components, baskets, bike lights.  What you get when you pick the bike up is what is available and nothing additional.

Bikes will be available for rent beginning on the first day of each semester. Students will keep the bikes for the duration of the semester and return them on a designated day/set of days at the end of each semester. The required date of return will be specified during checkout. Rentals are on a first-come, first-serve basis every semester. An additional $10 late fee will be applied each day that the bike is not returned. After two weeks, the bike will be deemed lost/stolen and the student will be responsible for replacing the cost of the bike.

You can reserve a bike prior to the first day of the semester by filling out a form online.

As with other rentals from the Outdoor Resource Center, students are responsible for ensuring the safety and proper working condition of the item that they rent. This includes properly locking the bicycle or keeping it inside when not in use. Bikes deemed lost, stolen or damaged while in a student’s possession must be replaced up to their full value and the student renting the bike is responsible for the cost.

For additional questions/information, contact the Outdoor Resource Center

707-664-DIRT (3478)

Ride on!

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