After The Interview

Students should make each interview a learning experience. After the interview is over, students should ask themselves these questions:

1. How did the interview go?

2. Did I feel at ease with the interviewer after my initial nervousness?

3. Did I highlight how my experience and skills could meet his/her qualifications?

4. Did I ask questions which helped me clarify the job and show my interest and knowledge?

5. Did I take the opportunity to mention my strengths, show him/her what I had to offer to the job?

6. Was I positive and enthusiastic?

7. How did I make myself stand out?

8. What did I learn that I can apply to my next interview?

9. What points did I make that seemed to interest the interviewer?

10. Did I talk too much? Too little? Was I too aggressive; not aggressive enough?

11. How can I improve my next interview?

Do this after each interview-don’t wait until the feelings have left. Take 7 minutes for 11 questions and you, too, will say “thank heaven for 7-11”.