Some Sample Questions for You to Ask

An indication of your motivation and interest can be presented in the form of questions asked of the potential employer. It is good to have several questions formulated to ask both about the organization and about the specific position. Use the list below as a guideline to formulate questions that are relevant to you personally.

1. What are the opportunities for personal and professional growth?

2. What is a realistic time frame for advancement?

3. How is an employee evaluated and promoted?

4. What is the retention rate of people in the position for which I am interviewing?

5. Describe typical first-year assignments.

6. Tell me about your initial and advanced training programs.

7. What are the challenging facets of this job?

8. What is the organization’s record of employment stability?

9. What makes your firm different from your competitors?

10. How would you describe your organization’s personality/management style?

11. Describe the work environment.

12. How can you use my skills?

13. What are your expectations for new hires?

14. What characteristics does a successful person have in your company?

Formulating Questions -- Tips

1. Do not ask questions answered in the company’s recruiting material

2. Ask 2 or 3 in-depth questions about:

a. Nature and duties of the position

b. What future does the position hold i.e. upward mobility?

c. Where can I see myself in a year in this organization?

d. Whether there is a training program?

e. Whether transfer between departments, divisions is possible?

f. Where is the company going? Policies?

g. How will you be evaluated?

h. How much travel is there with the position?

I. How many female or minority managers do you have? (if relevant)

j. What is the cost of living in the city where the position is available?