Four-Year Career Plan

Freshman Yearcareer sign pointing in multiple directions

  • Enroll in Freshman Seminar Course
  • Meet and develop relationships with faculty, advisors and mentors
  • Learn the academic system; study SSU Catalog & Class Schedule
  • Explore major choices
  • Choose GE and other exploratory courses with an Advisor
  • Investigate Tutorial Program at Educational Support Services
  • Improve study skills; consider University 103 courses
  • Meet with Advisor to plan schedule for next semester

Sophomore Year

  • Take prerequisite courses for your major
  • Choose GE and other exploratory courses with an Advisor
  • Discuss major selection with an Advisor
  • Plan semester by semester courses for major with Faculty Advisor
  • Consider Study Abroad or National Student Exchange for Junior year
  • Meet with an Advisor to consider long- range plans & schedule for next semester
  • Attend "Choosing a Major" workshop or consider taking Career/Life Planning Univ. 237

Junior Year

  • Begin Upper Division GE Courses
  • Take core courses in Major
  • Declare a Minor, if desirable, or take electives to support your Major
  • Research graduate school options & attend Grad School Fair and workshop in October
  • Develop plans with your Advisor for an Internship in your field of interest
  • Meet with Advisor to plan schedule the senior year and/or graduate school
  • Consider a senior project to focus in depth on an interest

Senior Year

  • Complete Major and GE requirements
  • Apply for graduation at 90 units
  • Apply to Graduate Schools or plan job search with Faculty Advisor and/or Career Advisor
  • Consider a post-baccalaureate internship after graduation to build skills & experience
  • Graduate!!!