Insights into Choosing a Major

"Process of Choosing A Major"
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Resources for Choosing A Major

See Your Career Peer Advisor!

Want To Learn More About Choosing A Major? Take UNIV 237!

UNIV 237 (1-2 units) offers students an opportunity to clarify their interests, values, skills, and lifestyle preferences to provide a foundation for effective career planning. Students use assessment inventories, interactive exercises, and occupational research to expand their understanding of options and plan their education and career paths, and learn job search strategies. Most appropriate for undeclared freshman and sophomore students.

Enroll in UNIV 237 as you would any other course during registration in the fall or spring semesters.

Thinking About Majoring in ENSP?
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Resources for Choosing A Major

  • Career Reading Room: Browse through dozens of book titles on various career-related topics, including major selection and career exploration.