Six-Step Career Planning Checklist

1. Explore self

Know the steps in planning my career
Know what my interests are
Know the skills I have and the skills I want to develop
Know my priorities, the lifestyle I want and my connection to my culture

2. Explore the world of work

Know the occupations I might like
Know what majors fit with occupations
Know more about occupations

3. Make career/major decision and set goals

4. Plan education

Know the steps in planning my education
Know how much education I want/need and how to get it

5. Get work experience

Know how to translate my current or past work experience to other types of jobs
Know about internships, volunteer, and part-time opportunities

6. Plan my job search/graduate school campaign

Know what kinds of jobs I want
Know what I have to offer an employer
Have a current resume
Know how to present myself in an interview
Conduct a job search
Know how to apply for a job at Sonoma State University
Prepare for graduate school (test preparation)
Target and apply to graduate schools