1 CAREER SERVICES: Informational Interview

Step Four: Decisions... Decisions... Decisions...

Evaluating career choices is not always easy. It’s entirely possible that you have more than one perfect job. You may have a combination of three good matches or you may even get to create your very own career! Let’s get to it!

Selecting an option.....

If you have worked through the first three steps, then this step will not be as difficult. Let’s review what you have done so far....

  • You got started!
  • You learned some interesting things about yourself and what is important to you in a job.
  • You checked out some options and tried to find some career titles that match what you are looking for.

Now it’s time to compare your options and decide which one to choose.

One career may pay better....one may have better hours.... another may satisfy your favorite value or provide you the opportunity to do something that is very interesting to you.