Step Six: Evaluating Your Decision

Ask yourself, “Is this decision working out the way I had hoped?”

Come up with changes or new choices as you improve your decision-making skills.

The following list of questions may help you review your career decision-making process:

  • 1. What preparations can I begin to make today to help with my career decision?
  • 2. Do I have a list of short-,medium-, and long-term objectives drawn up?
  • 3. Do I understand my aptitudes, strengths, personality and interests?
  • 4. Do I understand the type of environment I would prefer to work in?
  • 5. What community resources are available to assist me in my career decision-making?
  • 6. Do I understand the educational and technical requirements of the career or position I’m interested in?
  • 7. What is the long-term outlook for the industry? Where do I expect to be in one, three and five years?
  • 8. How willing am I to take risks?
  • 9. Do I understand the process of changing jobs and/or careers?