Step Two: Know Yourself

(Print this!)

You should develop an understanding of self including values, interests, aptitudes, abilities, personal traits, and desired life style, and become aware of the interrelationship between self and occupational choices.

Follow the links and complete the worksheet.

1. What are my interests?

R____ I_____ A______ S______ E______ C______

You may also sign-up to take the Strong Interest Inventory. See a Career Advisor in The Village for referral and interpretation, or use the results of the Personality Mosaic taken in your Freshman Seminar class.

2. What are my top 5 work values?

  1. ______________________________________________
  2. ______________________________________________
  3. ______________________________________________
  4. ______________________________________________
  5. ______________________________________________

3. Do I understand my personality type and how it might affect my career?