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Teaching Credential

Preparation in Science Courses Students who wish to work toward a secondary teaching credential should contact Professor Douglas Martin, Darwin Hall 311D, 707 664-2811.

Students seeking a California Science Teaching Credential must demonstrate competence in the natural sciences by passing the subject matter examination required by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

One part of the examination will test breadth of knowledge in biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and geology. Another part of the examination will test depth of knowledge in one or more of those particular areas, depending on the specialization of each individual student. A baccalaureate degree in either biology, chemistry, geology, or physics is recommended to prepare for the part of the examination that tests depth of knowledge in that one particular area. The following courses are recommended to prepare for the part of the examination that tests breadth of scientific knowledge:
ASTR 100 Descriptive Astronomy 3
BIOL 121 Diversity, Structure and Function 4
BIOL 122 Genetics, Evolution and Ecology 4
BIOL 123 Cellular and Molecular Biology 4
CHEM 105AB Elements of General, Organic and Biochemistry (including lab) (4, 4) or  
CHEM 115AB General Chemistry (including lab) (5,5) 8-10
GEOL 102 General Geology (including lab) 3
GEOL 105 The Age of Dinosaurs 3
GEOL 303 Advanced Principles of Geology (including lab) 4
PHYS 114, 214 Introduction to Physics (4, 4) and  
PHYS 116, 216 Introduction to Physics Lab (1, 1) or  
PHYS 210AB General Physics (3, 3) and  
PHYS 209AB General Physics Lab (1, 1) 8-10

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