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Sonoma State University


UNIV 100 3-1-3 Seminar (2)
This course uses lecture and active learning strategies to orient students to the university. Through it, students can ease their transition to college and become familiar with campus resources and information systems. Students will explore their values, skills, interests, and the undertaking of the personal strategies necessary to formulate career paths. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Cr/NC only.

UNIV 102 First Year Experience (3)
Designed to foster a supportive learning community, provide mentoring, enhance academic skills, personal skills (self-awareness, responsibility, relationships with others), and knowledge about campus resources to facilitate successful transition from high school to college. Other aspects covered are choosing a major, career exploration, health and social issues (sexual assault/harassment, alcohol/drug abuse), information competencies, code of conduct, and diversity/multiculturalism. This course is strongly recommended for first semester students.

UNIV 103 Learning Strategies (3)
An academic success course that introduces the student to a variety of study skills and learning strategies that can help maximize learning potential and academic performance.

UNIV 103A Learning Strategies:Math Thinking (1)
An academic success course that explores mathematical thinking, problem solving, and personal and cultural approaches to mathematics. Suitable for all students who have not yet passed a GE math course.

UNIV 103B Learning Strategies: Study Skills (1)
An academic success course that provides in-depth study skills information and practice, including effective time management, test taking, textbook reading, stress management and memory techniques. Cr/NC only.

UNIV 103C Learning Strategies: Writing (1)
An academic success course that reviews strategies, skills and habits that lead to improved academic writing.

UNIV 103D Learning Strategies:Academic Reading (1)
An academic success course that introduces strategies to aid comprehension and retention of academic reading skills required across the university disciplines.

UNIV 103S Learn Strategies:Supplemental Instruction (1)
Discipline-specific study skills taught in the context of a designated GE course. Consent of instructor required. May be taken three times. Cr/NC only. Corequisite: enrollment in designated GE course.

UNIV 237 Career-Life Planning (1-2)
Offers students an opportunity to explore and discover their values, skills, interests, lifestyle preferences, and the undertaking of the personal strategies necessary to formulate career paths and alternatives.

UNIV 238 Foundations of Leadership (3)
This course examines the basic concept of leadership and the elements that comprise its practice in today's society. Through theory, discussion and experiential learning, the course provides the foundational knowledge required for actual leadership opportunities on campus and future employment in the work world. Topics include historical and modern views on leadership; the relationship between service, followership and leadership; motivation; environmental effects on leadership; and ethics and power. Concurrent enrollment in 238B is required.

UNIV 292 Library and Information Research (1-3)
Designed to teach information research skills: how to assess the need for information, how to construct effective search strategies, how to retrieve information, and how to evaluate sources critically. Includes online research practice. Separate sections may focus on specific disciplines: social sciences, humanities, sciences and business, and may be crosslisted when appropriate.

UNIV 295 Community Involvement Program (1-4)
CIP provides undeclared students the opportunity to explore career possibilities while providing much needed community service. Students may earn credit for volunteer service in a variety of organizational settings that may help them clarify their career goals and to declare a major appropriate for them. Requirements are 30 hours of community service per unit, a minimum of 2 meetings with advisor or faculty sponsor and a final paper. A maximum of 6 units of CIP may be used toward graduation. Cr/NC only.

UNIV 301 War and Peace Lecture Series (3)
Students attend the public War and Peace Lecture Series and meet in discussion groups weekly to address a broad range of issues relating to the problem of war and prospects for peace. Lecturers represent diverse disciplines ~ e.g., economics, physics, peace studies, political science, sociology ~ and institutions. Discussion sessions synthesize material presented in lectures and outside readings and elicit students? personal responses to the issues raised. Reading and writing assignments required. Satisfies GE, category C3 (Ethics and Values).

UNIV 310 Portfolio Workshop (3)
A mentoring seminar for students re-entering higher education. This orientation course has as its primary goal the connecting of past experiences with present academic opportunities through an academic plan for graduation. Course activities include discussion of learning theory, completion of learning styles inventories, introduction to educational uses of information resources and technology, and the compiling of a portfolio, including an expanded resume, an intellectual autobiography, two learning essays and an individual academic plan. On instructor recommendation, portfolios may be evaluated for degree credit for prior learning through the Faculty Evaluated Prior Learning Program. Prerequisites: completion of GE areas A2 and A3.

UNIV 375 Study Abroad (12)
Academic programs in institutions outside the country. Enrollment is by permission of the Office of International Programs. Cr/NC only.