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Social Justice Retreat

“A University represents a vast resource in terms of its combined knowledge base. ¬†As such, we have an obligation to engage with the community through multifaceted service activities. These can range from faculty and student initiatives to alleviate societal needs, through to specific research projects targeting areas relevant to the region,”
—SSU Provost Andrew Rogerson

How Agencies Access CCE Resources

How Can I Access the Resources of the SSU Center for Community Engagement

Thank you for your interest in working with the CCE. The CCE sends regular emails to community organizations with ways to collaborate. If you do not get those emails and would like to, please sign up.Opens in new tab.

The CCE can help you access the resources of Academic Affairs, primarily the faculty and their students. Of course, the University has many other resources and students may be involved with you outside of their class requirements.

The most sustainable way to work with a university is through the faculty. Having an excellent relationship with a faculty member will make your experience deeper and more flexible. The CCE can help you meet and develop relationships with faculty to build collaborations.

What do faculty do?

Recommendations for developing partnerships with faculty

The CCE can help you access faculty working in any of these roles. Contact us for more information.