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Social Justice Retreat

“Community engagement was the best and only way to fulfill my teaching, scholarly work, and service requirements during my tenure and promotion process. In particular, service-learning makes a significant difference for my students and community, highlighting my unique contributions to the University's mission.”
—Dr. Elisa Velasques-Andrade, SSU Department of Psychology

Mini Conference Diversity

What do Faculty Do?

Tenured and tenure-track faculty have three jobs. Their primary job is teaching, followed by scholarship and service. Lecturers, also called instructors, adjuncts, part-time, and temporary, are hired to teach particular courses.  They may or may not participate in the other two jobs.  

Second, faculty are required to participate in scholarship.  This might look like research, creative activity, and the publishing and presenting of that scholarship.

Contact the CCE to learn more about how to connect with faculty for CBPR other community engaged scholarship.

Third, they are also required to do service to the University, which usually looks like committee work. Additionally, at SSU, they are also required to do community service.

Learn more about the value of faculty community service for community partners.

Contact us to learn more about how to connect with faculty for community service.