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Social Justice Retreat

“The CCE works together with faculty and non-profits to bring similar interests into play to benefit the university and the community.”
—Taylor Bonilla

Mini Conference Diversity

What is a Community Partner?

Thank you for your interest in university/ community partnership. Community partners must be nonprofit or governmental organizations as community engaged activities are generally unpaid.

Additionally, the CCE has strategic priorities in diversity/educating for multicultural competence and sustainability.

If you are a nonprofit or governmental agency that does not work with diverse populations or on sustainability issues and want to collaborate with us, please do not hesitate to contact us as your priorities might be a perfect match for a faculty member.

If you are a for-profit organization looking to collaborate with the University for internships, please contact the Academic DepartmentOpens in new tab. you are interested in working with directly.


If you are looking to recruit an intern or an employee, please contact Career Services.Opens in new tab.