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Careers For The Common Good V

Careers For The Common Good V by Annelise Dohrer"Stretch beyond your comfort zone. You never know who might be able to help you," states speaker Davin Cardenas'04.This is a snippet of the type of advice students receive when they attend the Careers for the Common Good Panel. This annual event gives students the opportunity to listen to speakers, ask questions and receive advice from Sonoma State University graduates and local citizens who make a living in the non-profit world.The students came to the event to hear about job opportunities but left with more than work related information. Rosie McGoldrick, an Environmental Studies major...

Spotlight: Elaine McHugh & Saturday Sidekicks

Spotlight: Elaine McHugh & Saturday Sidekicks "Saturday Sidekicks definitely increased my desire to work with kids with disabilities. When I first signed up for the program, I was very nervous that I was not going to be able to communicate effectively with the kids. I think many people just see the children for their disabilities, and not as kids. Getting involved really makes you see that these kids are like any other children; they just want to have fun and play."- Emily Giorgi The Saturday Sidekicks service-learning program works with children with disabilities to give them the skills they need to be comfortable in an athletic setting with a wide range of fun activities and a focus on teaching them how to ride bicycles, swim, and