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Summer Job Fair? Check

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Think campus is quiet in the summer? In fact, while parking is certainly easier, there are lots of incoming students, most of them freshmen, wandering about campus and getting prepared for the fall semester. Last week was Summer Bridge, a special orientation program for Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) freshmen. Part of this preparatory experience includes a job fair, in which various departments set up booths and attempt to recruit students to work in their offices.

What better way to start off one's college career than getting paid to help out one's community in some of the most important ways imaginable while getting to work with faculty outside of the classroom? Throw in the opportunity to gain real experience using social media in a social setting and you can imagine how many students want to work in the CCE! So of course we were there, accepting applications, answering questions, and sharing our passion for engagement with the community.

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Our audience was quite receptive, and many students walked away excited at the prospects of their campus job in fall, whether with the CCE or elsewhere. In particular, we were pleased to see so many students were interested in getting involved with the community service organization JUMP (Join Us Making Progress).

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With much appreciation to Boise State University Service-Learning Program for their blog post Orientation? Check

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