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Shadow Day X

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by Baylee Pearce

"Today made Sonoma State and college a possibility" said Stephanie Ioza, a junior from Roseland Collegiate Prep (RCP). 

Shadow Day is a day when COMS 160B students host RCP students and give them an exclusive look on what college entails. The RCP juniors are the first of their school to be graduating seniors in the 2017-2018 academic school year. They were first brought to Sonoma State as freshmen for Discovery Day IX and returned as juniors for this Shadow Day. 

The RCP students were able to experience a day in the life of an SSU student. This included sitting in on classes and lectures, hanging out at spots throughout campus, eating lunch at The Kitchens, and receiving a warm welcome from President Sakaki. The majority of the students sat in on a Biology 110 lecture in Ives Hall while others sat in on Astronomy and University classes, getting an in person perspective of university classes and lectures. The students lounged in the Student Center and were able to check out the Rec Center and all its perks. This type of experience allowed the students to explore the campus and feel a part of it for the day.


The President giving a welcome.

Giulia Chlarson, an SSU student in the Psych 302 class, reflected, "I feel like I've learned better leadership skills and how to have better conversation flow". Shadow Day not only benefits the RCP students but also allows the SSU student(s) to mentor and illustrate to the juniors what their options are for the future. The SSU students reassure them that college is a place for opportunities. Another SSU student, Sissi Serrato, stated that "it's comforting to know that you're not the only one who came into college undecided".

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As juniors in high school it is easy to believe that college and careers are further away than they seem, but Shadow Day allows them to realistically weigh their options ahead of time and ask any questions they have. This day is a great resource for all high school students whether they are planning for college or not. After sitting in on a BIO 110 lecture, when asked what was interests her about college, Lluvia Gomez said, she likes the idea of "being able to take classes that interest me." A group of juniors were asked what factors made them want to attend Sonoma State, they stated "the amazing dorms, good campus life, small community, small classes, and its friendly atmosphere." At the end of the tour, Jackie Cardona of RCP was asked if she would apply to Sonoma State next year and she responded with excitement that, "Sonoma State is for sure one of my choices". Once again, another successful Shadow Day took place where Roseland Collegiate Prep students left with a new take on what is possible for them and SSU students gained leadership and mentoring skills. We hope to see the RCP students here at SSU one day.


A group picture of the service-learners.

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