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Schulz Learning Center at SSU

“A University represents a vast resource in terms of its combined knowledge base. As such, we have an obligation to engage with the community through mulitfaceted service activities. These can range from faculty and student initiatives to alleviate societal needs, through to specific research projects targeting areas relevant to the region.”
—SSU Provost Andrew Rogerson

Andrew Rogerson, SSU Provost

Welcome Faculty

The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) is here to help you connect and improve your community partnerships – for yourself, for your students, for the University, and for the community. We can help you with your:

Our priorities are to promote sustainability and multicultural competence/diversity with a focus in the local Roseland community; however we are here to support you in all ways you work to address our civic mission. Check out the prezi below to learn more about civic mission.