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Schulz Information Center

"There is probably no disciplinary area—from Architecture to Zoology—where service-learning cannot be fruitfully employed to strengthen students' ability to become active learners as well as active citizens."
—Edward Zlotkowski

SSU faculty member

Service-Learning in the Disciplines

Service-learning courses are offered in all disciplines. The CCE can help you create or deepen your service-learning class. We provide models of other courses, sample syllabi, resources for course construction, reflective analysis tools, and risk management support.

Examples of service-learning activities include but are not limited to:

  • Doing what the course is about for or with a community partner
  • Sharing or tutoring the course content with a community partner
  • In the case of Arts and Humanities, doing any kind of community service and communicating about it in the relevant medium and/or language

Some examples in the departments: