Alumni Listserv

Alumi and Friends Listserv

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Join a listserv set up just for our alumni, students and friends! If you are not aware, a listserv allows all members of a list to communicate with one another instantly.

The purpose of the CJA-ALUMS listserv is to provide an information forum for alumni, students and friends of the Department of Criminal Justice at Sonoma State University. (We've kept the name CJA-ALUMS since the name change of our department is very recent.) The list can be used to discuss, post questions about or comment on justice related issues, to find out about current events, to provide a means of keeping in touch with one another, to learn about findings of research and projects underway by list members, and many others.

How to Subscribe to the CJA-ALUMS

It is easy to subscribe to CJA-ALUMS. Follow these steps:

If all goes well you will receive a mail from the listserv welcoming you to the list. That message will repeat some of what you find on this page as well as additional information.

Sending messages to the list

To send a message to the ENTIRE list of subscribers address it to


When your message arrives at this address it is reproduced and sent to everyone who is a member of the list. Note also that if you reply to a message sent by the listserv, the reply is reproduced and distributed to the list. Sometimes you may not want to share what might be a private message to someone. If you want to respond privately to a message, send it directly to their personal e-mail address that appears with their message.

Please send a brief message to the list so that people can become acquainted with you. Some people "lurk" for a little while and eventually introduce themselves.


Go to

Find your e-mail address on the list. Check the unsubscribe box.

Save the page.


Here are some suggestions for network etiquette.


Send questions about the list to