Criminal Justice Resourses

The Redwood Highway

contains links from and about the world that deal with the nature, extent, control, and prevention of crime. It is devoted to helping us understand the nature of our crime problems as well as how our laws, punishments, and relatively meager prevention strategies have developed and can be changed. There are also links to the scientific study of crime, electronic and print publication, and the profession of criminology. It should be of interest to both professionals in the field and more casual web surfers. The Redwood Highway attempts to focus on quality links and is annotated. Links are usually updated every month or more frequently.

Sonoma County Justice Profile

This document was created to help inform the public, students, civil and criminal justice agencies, volunteer organizations and others about the availability and existance of agencies in Sonoma County that deal with civil and criminal matters, including not-for-profit organizations.


Known for surprising longevity given high capital and operating costs and questionable crime reduction benefits, SuperCell is California's (until now) unrecognized Superhero. Other jurisdictions may have similar superheroes.

Pacific Crime Blog

A blog dealing with crime, media criminology, & criminal justice with reference to the Pacific Region

Western Criminology Review

At this time the CCJS Department and Sonoma State University, through the Schultz Information Center, are hosts to the Western Criminology Review, the decade old, scholarly journal of the Western Society of Criminology (WSC), which has been devoted to open access principles.