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This document was created to help inform the public, students, civil and criminal justice agencies, volunteer organizations and others about the availability and existance of agencies in Sonoma County that deal with civil and criminal matters, including not-for-profit organizations. The list is incomplete in part because some organizations did not respond to repeated queries for information and because we may not have been aware of all organizations. Thus, any input that readers may have for improving the following document would be greatly appreciated.

We expect that this list will be updated more frequently during the coming year as more county organizations come on-line. This page gets a surprising number of hits.

Most agencies/organizations on the left have responded to our mailed questionnaires; in some cases we have added an agency and hopefully a web link to them. In most instances the information was provided by the agency on the returned questionnaire although a few more recent entries have been volunteered. You can go directly to each agency by clicking on the name below:

Sonoma County Sheriff's

2796 Ventura Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Web home:


To provide criminal detention, law enforcement, coroner and civil process services to the county. Detention, coroner and civil process services are provided to the people of both the cities and the county. Law enforcement services, covering the full spectrum including patrol, criminal investigations and 911 emergency dispatch are generally confined to the unincorporated area of the county. The department also contracts the full array of law enforcement and dispatch services to the Town of Windsor and dispatch of police, fire and ambulance services to the City of Sonoma. The department has additional contracts to provide partial dispatch services to other public agencies and private ambulance companies.

Mission Statement

Sonoma County Sheriff's Department members appreciate the opportunity to serve the citizens of Sonoma County.

We focus on improving the quality of life through community partnerships which promote safe, secure neighborhoods and families.

We strive to fulfill our responsibilities to all segments of our community in a manner that is honest, effective and efficient.

We take pride in our ability to provide quality law enforcement and detention services.

We respect and protect the worth, dignity and rights of all individuals.


  • Full Time Allocated Positions - 635
  • Detention - 354
  • Law Enforcement - 251
  • Administration - 30
  • Job Sharing Persons - 8
  • Part Time, as needed - 32
  • Contracted Employees - 75
  • Correctional Medical Systems - 49
  • County Mental Health - 19
  • ARAMARK Correctional (food) Services - 7
  • Volunteers - 89
  • Reserve Deputies - 13
  • Search and Rescue - 48
  • Crime Analysis - 16
  • Inmate Services - 11
  • Coroner - 1
  • Total Donated Hours - 8,000 plus annually
  • Payroll Equivalent - In excess of $150,000
  • Total Persons/Positions including contracts and volunteers - 839

Annual Budget: Fiscal Year 1995/1996 - $55,000,000

Detention - $29,000,000

All Others- $26,000,000

Funding Sources: County General Funds provide the major funding source via Property Taxes and Sales Taxes. State and Federal Grants provide funds for some specific projects. State Trial Court Funds reimburse a portion of Court Security costs.

Clientele: The people of Sonoma County.

Governing Agency: The Sheriff is an elected official, elected on a county wide ballot, to whom the department answers. For the majority of the department's funding the Sheriff works with the Board of Supervisors and the County Administrative Officer.

List of Agencies to Whom Clients are Referred: Members of the Sheriff's Department refer people to the entire spectrum of community, county, state, national and international agencies, both public and private, and to individuals that may be able to assist them based upon their need.

Sonoma County Human Services Department

Special Investigation; Welfare Fraud Prevention Units
P.O. Box 1539
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

PURPOSE/MISSION/GOALS: The ultimate purpose of this agency is of maintaining the integrity of its cash assistance programs to provide for the truly needy, establishing factual investigative findings to the courts so as to impose just punishment for those that abuse the public welfare system.

The Special Investigation Unit identified and referred for collection approximately $1,500,000.00 in fraudulently obtained public assistance funds. This was the result of having completed over 5,000 investigations, establishing innocence in many cases, taking administrative action in many other cases, and 150 fraud convictions, with actual collections returned to the County of $750,000.00.

STAFF: A full-time staff of 19; one chief investigator, two senior investigators, nine investigators, five fraud technicians and two clerical support staff.

ANNUAL BUDGET: $1,200,000.00

FUNDING SOURCES: 50% from the Federal government, 35% - 50% from the State government and 0% - 15% from the local government.

CLIENTELE: Welfare recipients

GOVERNING AGENCY: Sonoma County Human Services Department

Department of Health Services

Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Services Division
Orenda Center
2759 Bennett Valley Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

PURPOSE/MISSION/GOALS: To alleviate the problems associated with alcohol, drug and tobacco use by providing appropriate and effective services to encourage behaviors and environments that promote psychological and physical wellness.

Specific programs include detoxification, month long residential treatment program, outpatient drug free counseling for Medical recipients, community services-intern program, first and multiple offender drinking driver programs, Treatment Alternative to Street Crime (T.A.S.C.), PC 1000 Drug Diversion program, court testing program, Drug Court, special content services, and transition homes.

STAFF: Approximately 70 full and part-time employees

ANNUAL BUDGET: $6,200,000.00

FUNDING SOURCES: Federal, State, County funds, fees and fines

CLIENTELE: Sonoma County adult male and female residents

GOVERNING AGENCY: Sonoma County Board of Supervisors

AGENCIES TO WHOM CLIENTS ARE REFERRED: Sonoma County Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Services, Sonoma County Mental Health, Drug Abuse Alternative Center, Athena House, Women's Recovery Services, and private drug and alcohol treatment providers when appropriate.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

777 Sonoma Avenue, Room 214
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

PURPOSE/MISSION/GOALS: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is an agency of the U.S. Department of Treasury. AT responsibilities include law enforcement; regulation of alcohol, tobacco and firearms industries; and ensuring the collection of federal taxes imposed on distilled spirits and tobacco products. The mission of AT is to curb the illegal traffic in and criminal use of firearms; to assist federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in reducing crime and violence; to investigate violations of the federal explosive laws, including arson-for-profit schemes; and to suppress commercial bribery, consumer deception and other prohibited trade practices in the alcoholic beverage industry.

STAFF: Six full-time employees, five Inspectors and one Group Supervisor. The Santa Rosa AT is a small Post of Duty, which reports directly to the San Francisco area office, Regulatory Enforcement. There are no Law Enforcement agents stationed in this area.

ANNUAL BUDGET: 1995 budget for AT was approximately $400,000,000.00

FUNDING SOURCES: AT annually collects nearly $14 billion in excise taxes from alcohol, tobacco products and the firearms industries.

GOVERNING AGENCY: Funding is approved by the U.S. Congress

Federal Bureau of Investigation

777 Sonoma Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA

Agency has not responded.








California Highway Patrol

6100 Labath Avenue
Rohnert Park, CA

Their web page is here.

Department of Emergency Services

Take this link to their web site and their volunteer page.

Department of Motor Vehicles

Bureau of Investigations
2570 Corby Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA, 95407

PURPOSE/MISSION/GOALS: The primary responsibility of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is to administer the laws and regulations affecting the California motoring public. Special Investigators for the DMV are trained to perform the following duties under the direction of supervisors:

Makes/assists in making investigations to detect of verify suspected violations of provisions of laws, rules or regulations; locates and interviews accused persons and witnesses and analyzes and evaluates their testimony; examines records; contacts and interviews individuals and representatives of business; gathers, assembles, preserves and reports facts and evidence; makes arrests; investigates complaints; serves legal papers; appears as a witness; cooperates with and secures the cooperation of Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies.

STAFF: 300


FUNDING SOURCES: Vehicle registration fees, General Fund

CLIENTELE: Auto dealers, dismantlers and consumers

GOVERNING AGENCY: Department of Transportation

State Department of Fish and Game

3246 Skaggs Springs Road
Healdsburg, CA

State web site for Region 3, which includes Sonoma County:

Cloverdale Police Department

112 Broad Street
Cloverdale, CA
Web home page:

Cotati Police Department

201 W. Sierra Avenue
Cotati, CA 94931
Web home page:

STAFF: 12 full-time (sworn), 4 full-time (non-sworn), 2 part-time, 3 reserve officers

ANNUAL BUDGET: $1,357,480.00

FUNDING SOURCE: City of Cotati general fund

GOVERNING AGENCY: The City of Cotati

Healdsburg Police Department

238 Center
Healdsburg, CA 95448
Agency has not responded.

Their web site is incorporated in the city of Healdsburg web site.

Petaluma Police Department

Police Chief, Steve Hood
969 Petaluma Blvd. North
Petaluma, CA 94952
Web page:

Mission: To protect our community, education on crime prevention and prosecute criminals.

Staff: Approximately 130 total

Annual budget: Fiscal year 1996-97: $7,496,950

Funding source: City government

Clientele: the public

Governing Agency: The Chief reports to the City Manager, who reports to City Council

Agencies to whom clients are referred: a wide variety of city and county services.

Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety

500 City Hall Drive
Rohnert Park, CA 94928
Web page home:
Law enforcement dimension of agency has not fully responded; see Rohnert Park Youth and Family Services below.

Santa Rosa Police Department

965 Sonoma Avenue
P.O. Box 1678
Santa Rosa, CA 95402-1678

To visit the SRPD web site follow this link (

The following mission statement outlines the Department's purpose and values:

  • The Santa Rosa police department is dedicated to working in partnership with the community in the protection of life and property. We will strive to improve the quality of life and feeling of safety among our citizens.
  • We are committed to a creative process which develops mutual respect and pride in ourselves and the community. To this end we value:
    • Providing quality service
    • Encouraging accessibility, open communication and participation in decision&shyp;making
    • Developing an environment or mutual trust, fairness, sensitivity and dignity
    • Promoting confidence in individual capabilities and cooperation
    • Adapting to changing circumstances


  • Full time 249
  • Part time 3
  • Volunteer 26

Annual budget: $21,000,000 Funding sources: General Fund Clientele: Citizens of the city of Santa Rosa Governing agency: City Council Agencies to whom clients are referred includes many of those contained on this page. What follows is a partial list, along with phone numbers.

Animal Regulations Division
Battered Women
YMCA Womens emergency line
County Clerk
Clerk of the Superior Court
Criminal Municipal Court
Department of Motor Vehicles
District Attorney's Office
527-2762 (fax)
600 Administration Dr, Rm 212J
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Drugs - anonymous calls
Earthquake information
Fingerprinting of children - 4 C's
Graffiti Hotline
Highway Patrol
576-2179 (fax)
6100 Labath Avenue
Rohnert Park, CA 94928
Humane Society
542-0882, 542-0889
Facility/inmate status
Juvenile Hall
Juvenile Probation
Charles Villarreal, Director
111 N. Pythian Road 95409
Parole Office of California
Probation Department
Robert Gillen, Chief
600 Administration Dr. 95404
Public Defender
Sheriff's Office
527-2511 (info)
527-2751 (civil)
527-2781 (Admin)
526-0403 (fax)
Mark Ihde, Sheriff
600 Administration Dr, Rm 103J
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
State Police
Tough Love Organization
Orinda 544-6516
Traffic Court
600 Administration Dr, Rm 102J

Sheriff's Office (database that has updated warrants info for all)

Sebastopol Police Department
6850 Laguna Park Way
Sebastopol, CA
Agency has not responded

Sonoma Police Department

175-1st Street
Sonoma, CA

Sonoma has now contracted with the Sheriff's Department for law enforcement.
See their web site at this link.

Windsor Police Department

Winsor has now contracted with the Sheriff's Department for law enforcement.
See their web site at this link.

Office of the District Attorney

County of Sonoma
Room 212-J
Hall of Justice
600 Administration Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

PURPOSE/MISSION/GOALS: The District Attorney conducts all prosecutions for public offenses in Sonoma County, institutes proceedings for the arrest of persons charged with public offenses, and attends and advises the County Grand Jury. In addition, the District Attorney operates the County's Family Support program which collects child support from absent parents in order to reduce welfare costs.

STAFF: Criminal Division - 77 full-time, 5.95 part-time

Family Support - 90 full-time, 5.27 part-time

ANNUAL BUDGET: Criminal Division - $6,755,808.00

Family Support - $6,751,808.00

FUNDING SOURCES: Criminal Division - County general fund and State revenues

Family Support - State and Federal reimbursement

CLIENTELE: Criminal Division - Victims of crime

Family Support - AFDC recipients and parents requiring paternity establishment and child support services

GOVERNING AGENCY: The District Attorney is an elected position. The Sonoma County Board of supervisors authorizes funding for the department.

AGENCIES TO WHOM CLIENTS ARE REFERRED: Criminal Division - Sonoma County Victim/Witness Program, Y.W.C.A., Women Against Rape

Family Support - Legal Aid, Lawyers Referral Service, California Parenting Institute

Office of the District Attorney

Environmental & Consumer Law Division
La Plaza West 2300 County Center Drive, Suite B-170
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

PURPOSE: Investigation and prosecution of environmental and consumer law violations.

STAFF: 3 full-time


CLIENTELE: The public and enforcement agencies

GOVERNING AGENCY: Sonoma County District Attorney

AGENCIES TO WHOM CLIENTS ARE REFERRED: Better Business Bureau, Small Claims Court, U.S. EPA, Water Quality, Public Health, and the Department of Consumer Affairs

Office of the Public Defender

John R. Abrahams
County of Sonoma
Room 106-J, Hall of Justice 600 Administration Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Web home:

MISSION: The Public Defender has the mandated responsibility of defending any person who is not financially able to employ counsel and who is charged with the commission of any contempt or offense triable in the superior or municipal courts. The Public Defender also represents qualified individuals in probate and welfare proceedings and may represent any individual who is not financially able to employ counsel in proceedings relating to the nature or conditions of detention prior to adjudication. STAFF: 41 permanent, 3.2 extra help, and an average of 5 volunteers (see below).

1 Public Defender

1 Administrative Services Officer

2 Chief Deputy Public Defender

8 Deputy Public Defender IV

9 Deputy Public Defender III

5 Deputy Public Defender I

1 Senior Public Defender Investigator

2.5 Public Defender Investigator II

2 Public Defender Investigator I

2 Legal Secretary II

3.5 Legal Secretary I

4 Clerk Typist II

ANNUAL BUDGET: $3,169,680.00

FUNDING SOURCE: County General Fund

CLIENTELE: Any person who is not financially able to employ counsel and who is charged with the commission of any contempt of offense triable in the triable in the superior of municipal courts.

GOVERNING AGENCY: Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, County Administrator

Santa Rosa Municipal Court

600 Administration Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Web home: The Superior Court's Virtual Courthouse shows the municipal court a little bit.

Santa Rosa Superior Court

600 Administration Drive, Room 107-J
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Web home:
Contact information:

United States (Federal) Probation

Northern District of California
777 Sonoma Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95404-4741

PURPOSE/MISSION/GOALS: The mission of the United States Probation Office in the Northern District of California is to contribute to the equitable and humane administration of justice in the community through excellence in the services provided to the Federal Court System.

Probation officers serve the court by preparing thorough, independent, timely and accurate reports, by developing reasonable and just assessments and recommendations, and by responsibly[ enforcing conditions of supervision and fulfilling all other statutory obligations.

Offenders who are under the supervision of the U.S. Probation Office are provided guidance to ensure compliance with the conditions of their supervision. The probation officer offers casework services and treatment opportunities for rehabilitation, while focusing on the safety of the public.

STAFF: 102 full-time positions in the Northern District of California, including seven positions in Santa Rosa.

ANNUAL BUDGET: $6,700,000 for the entire district.


CLIENTELE: Federal offenders

GOVERNING AGENCY: Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Washington, D.C.

AGENCIES TO WHOM CLIENTS ARE REFERRED: Drug Abuse Alternatives Center, Turning Point Residential Drug Treatment, T.A.S.C., Volunteer Center of Sonoma County and other community resource agencies.

Sonoma County Detention Facility

562 Russell Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA
See Sonoma County Sheriff's Department

North County Detention Facility

2254 Ordinance Road
Santa Rosa, CA

MISSION: Coordinated Effort in Management of Inmate Population

We subscribe to the philosophy that inmate populations may be effectively managed through the use of alternative punishments, as well as by implementing treatment programs to actively address the common causes of crime. We have optimized the structure of our organization to effectively deal with Detention requirements; however, we view our role as going beyond that of managing correctional facilities. Incarceration is not considered the only solution, as it does not resolve the problems that lead to crime. We are committed to working with other criminal justice agencies, public service agencies, and the community to develop innovative prevention and treatment alter-natives, aimed at reducing crime. We encourage the use of alternative punishments for those who have committed crimes, but can be effectively dealt with in a manner that does not require incarceration. Our coordinated efforts to develop innovative deterrent, treatment, and alternative punishment programs have resulted in widespread attention and support.

STAFF: See Sonoma County Sheriff's Department

ANNUAL BUDGET: $29,000,000.00

FUNDING SOURCES: General Fund provides the majority of funding, State and Federal Grants

GOVERNING AGENCY: The Sheriff is an elected official, elected on a county wide ballot, to whom the department answers.

Corrections Department Parole and Community Services

3222 Airway Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Agency has not responded

Adult Probation Department

600 Administration Drive, Room 104-J
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Take this link to a description of Sonoma County Probation provided by the agency. Updated 3/26/98.

PURPOSE/MISSION/GOALS: The Probation Department, as a legally-constituted arm of the Superior Court, is an integral part of the County's justice system. The department is charged with the responsibility of community protection through the provision of mandated direct services to all of the Courts, including the investigation, supervision, control and reform of offenders who are granted supervised probation. Probation is a privilege that usually includes conditions that require serving a specific amount of time in jail or a juvenile institution, paying restitution to crime victims, abstaining from the use of alcohol and drugs, paying fines and doing community service work. Failure to comply with these conditions result in the offender's removal from probation status and the imposition of other penalties.

Juvenile Probation

111 N. Pythian Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95409

PURPOSE/MISSION/GOALS: Juvenile probation provides a number of services to the youth, the community and other juvenile justice agencies. The principal mandated tasks accomplished by Juvenile Probation are the preparation of investigation reports and disposition recommendations to the Superior Court. Staff determine which youths are appropriate subjects for the Court's jurisdiction, then supervise those minors who are placed under its authority. Additionally, juvenile probation provides a Court officer, out-of-home placement services and community service work coordination.

STAFF: 241 full-time staff, including 91 Youth Supervisors

ANNUAL BUDGET: $16,772,722.00, including $2,049,827.00 that is allocated directly to juvenile probation.

FUNDING SOURCES: County general fund, fines, fees and state grants

CLIENTELE: Youth involved in the criminal justice system

GOVERNING AGENCY: Sonoma County Board of Supervisors

Sonoma County Probation Youth Camp

6201 Eastside Road
Forestville, CA 95436

PURPOSE: Established in 1955, the camp is a 40-youth, three-phase, short-term correctional treatment facility under the administration of the Probation Department for 16 to 18 year old males committed by the Juvenile Court. The program concentrates on confrontation of anti-social/illegal behavior and thinking patterns in an effort to get youths to take responsibility for their decisions and behavior. The primary goal is the individual development of basic personal, social, academic and vocational skills, necessary to survive in modern society, toward becoming responsible, productive adults.

The camp also implements the Home Treatment Program (HTP) with Mental Health and Juvenile Probation; a program which serves 20 placement wards and families with multiple in-home family support services, accountability and counseling.

Additionally, the camp administers the Supervised Adult Crew (SAC) Mobile Units. SAC completes parks and public works projects with adult offenders doing work in lieu of jail, paying restitution to the community and offsetting their debt to society in a responsible, productive manner. Currently, there are 10 SAC Mobile Units (100 offenders) working on Community Restitution Contracts with 12 government agencies.

STAFF: 34 full-time, 12 part-time and 3 volunteers

ANNUAL BUDGET: $2,228,468.00 - all three programs

FUNDING SOURCES: County, State and Federal

CLIENTELE: 16 to 19 year old delinquent youth/100 adult offenders

GOVERNING AGENCY: Sonoma County Probation/Courts/Board of Supervisors

Juvenile District Attorney

111 N. Pythian Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95409
Agency has not responded, but see County District Attorney

Juvenile Court

133 N. Pythian Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95409
Agency has not responded

Sonoma County Juvenile Hall

155 N. Pythian Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95409

PURPOSE: Provides temporary holding facility for persons under the age of eighteen who come within the provisions of the juvenile court law.

Juvenile Justice Commission of Sonoma County

111 Pythian Road North
Santa Rosa, CA 95405

PURPOSE/MISSION/GOALS: To inspect facilities to which the Juvenile Court has assigned or referred juvenile dependents and juvenile delinquents.

STAFF: A volunteer commission of twelve adults and three youth members

ANNUAL BUDGET: $4,501.00

FUNDING SOURCES: County of Sonoma

GOVERNING AGENCY: Juvenile Justice Commission-State of California; Delinquency Prevention Commission-County of Sonoma Board of Supervisors

Valley of the Moon Children's Home

Sonoma County Department of Human Services
55 Pythian Road North
Santa Rosa, CA 95409

PURPOSE: Provides temporary care for children ages newborn through 18 years who are victims of abuse, abandonment, neglect, or whose parents/guardians are unable to care for them. These children have not committed crimes and the facility is not locked. The Children's Home is open 24 hours a day and can accommodate 30-34 children. Preschool children are usually placed in a satellite foster home (a home licensed to care for small children on a short-term basis).

The goal of the Children's Home is to serve the children as best they can; to soothe their fears, anxiety and pain; to help them to understand that they are not responsible for their pain; to remind them that they are children and that all children deserve to be cherished, protected and respected; to encourage laughter and play in their lives; and to help them feel safe.

Athena House

1539 Humboldt Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

PURPOSE: Residential treatment facility for women with substance addiction issues. Clients are referred by the Sonoma County courts and criminal justice system. Purpose is to help addicted women achieve sobriety and change patterns in their lives so that they will remain out of the criminal justice system and in the mainstream of the community.



FUNDING SOURCES: County government

Boys and Girls Club, Valley of the Moon

Mailing address: P.O. Box 218 El Verano, CA 95433
Physical Location: 100 Verano Avenue
Maxwell Farms Regional County Park
Sonoma, CA
Phone: 707.938.8544
FAX: 707.938.8556

PURPOSE: Our mission is to provide positive opportunities for youth to learn and succeed.

For further information go to their web site at The CJA Department Supports the Boys and Girls Club Valley of the Moon.

Child Welfare Services

2300 Professional Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

PURPOSE: Child protective services (24 hour emergency response) prevents abuse, neglect and exploitation of children. Child placement: supervises the placement of dependent children in foster homes with the goal of a family reunification or permanent planning for children.

Covenant Connection

430 Murphy Avenue
Sebastopol, CA 95472

PURPOSE: A non-profit corporation providing services and programs for both criminal offenders and victims of crime. Purpose is to reduce victimization in the community, recidivism in the jails, and to offer healing for individuals suffering from psychological and emotional distress. Community counseling program for groups of men, women and children affected by incarceration or violence.

STAFF: 1 executive director, non-paid consultants and volunteers.

ANNUAL BUDGET: $19,000.00

FUNDING SOURCES: Funded mainly by individual contributors and an annual $10,000.00 grant from the Robert N. and Ella S. Ristad Foundation. Also receive some fees for service.

CLIENTELE: Includes men charged with, or convicted of, domestic violence, sex offenses against children, substance abuse, victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse and a small number of clients suffering from depression and anxiety disorders.

AGENCIES TO WHOM CLIENTS ARE REFERRED: Alcoholic Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, DAAC, Orenda Center, Turning Point, Sonoma County Mental Health, Parents United, Child Protective Services and various private therapists.

Friends Outside in Sonoma County

P.O. Box 3905
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

PURPOSE: Services to jail inmates and families. Emergency transportation, referrals and communication with friends outside programs in other counties and in all state prisons. Provides support groups for families with incarcerated members and has a craft program for women inmates.

Healdsburg Youth Services

238 Center Street
Healdsburg, CA 95448

PURPOSE: Provides family, individual and group counseling, youth diversion services, school counseling services, workshops in the community, information and referrals, drug and alcohol counseling.

Humane Society Forget Me Not Farm

5345 Highway 12
Santa Rosa, CA 95402
Phone: 707.542.0746

Orenda Center

2579 Bennett Valley Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Agency has not responded

Parents Supporting Parents (PSP)

PURPOSE: An action-oriented support group for parents dealing with unacceptable adolescent behavior.

FREE weely meetings. Call 707 547-0101 Santa Rosa meetings every Friday - 7:30 p.m. Rohnert Park meetings every Tuesday - 7:00 p.m.

We meet weekly to discuss our family situations, give and get support through listening, offering suggestions, and sharing tried-and-true steps towards change.

Go to their website at

Affiliated with DAAC (Drug Abuse Alternative Center)

Petaluma People Services Project T.U.F.F. (Teens Uniting For the Future)

1500-A Petaluma Boulevard South
Petaluma, CA 94952

PURPOSE/MISSION/GOALS: Petaluma People Services is a community based non-profit organization. Project T.U.F.F. is a gang intervention and prevention program working with junior and senior high school youth and providing counseling, mentor ship, conflict resolution and ancillary services.

STAFF: One Project Coordinator, 3 full-time school counselors, a part-time Family Therapist and a part-time Mentor Counselor.

ANNUAL BUDGET: $197,000.00

FUNDING SOURCES: Office of Criminal Justice and Planning (2 grants), Gang Risk Intervention Program, Bothin Foundation, Kiwanis, and the Petaluma Board of Realtors

CLIENTELE: Junior and Senior high school youth in the Petaluma area and their families

GOVERNING AGENCY: Petaluma People Services Agency

Polly Klaas Foundation 1225 N. McDowell Blvd.

Petaluma, CA 94954
Agency has not responded

Project Intercept

Adult Diversion Services
PC 1000 Drug Diversion
3315 Airway Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

PURPOSE/MISSION: Project Intercept is a pretrial diversion program serving adult misdemeanor offenders with the objective of directing the defendant's path away from a criminal record and further criminal involvement. Adult Diversion is identical to Project Intercept in its objectives but clients are referred directly from the District Attorney's office, prior to the filing of criminal charges. The offender is diverted into a human service based program which provides needs assessment with referrals for employment, education, mental health, and/or any other appropriate services that can best serve their needs. The intended result is that the offender gain access to services that that help them live law abiding lives. A successful completion of the program concludes with either a dismissal of criminal charges or a recommendation for non-filing of criminal charges.

P.C. 1000 Drug Diversion is a pretrial diversion program for adult misdemeanor and felony drug offenders. Minimum requirements include: assessment, referral to 60 hours of drug education and/or counseling, referrals to other human-based resources (affordable housing, food pantries, social services, parenting classes, mental health services, vocational training and employment assistance) and payment of administrative fees. The intended result is the divertee gain access to resources and gain skills to help them live lives of greater self sufficiency. A successful completion of the program concludes with dismissal of criminal charges.

STAFF: One full-time Program Director, two full-time caseworkers, two part-time caseworkers, six to eight part-time SSU intern caseworkers, and two full-time clerical support staff.

ANNUAL BUDGET: $214,000.00

FUNDING SOURCES: Client fees for service and a grant from the Municipal Court

CLIENTELE: Adult criminal offenders

GOVERNING AGENCY: California Human Development Corporation

AGENCIES TO WHOM CLIENTS ARE REFERRED: All human service based community resources that can best serve the needs of the program participant.

Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety

Youth and Family Services
Near Country Club & Golf Course Dr.
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

PURPOSE/MISSION: To facilitate personal changes for the benefit of youth and their families by offering a broad spectrum of services that are provided by professionals dedicated to the Rohnert Park Community. See their new world wide web site at This used to be a comprehensive diversion agency, with five part-time and 24 volunteer workers, and a local web site, but sadly its budget has been cut.

STAFF: Five part-time, twenty four volunteers

ANNUAL BUDGET: $230,000.00

FUNDING SOURCES: City government

CLIENTELE: Youth who either live in Rohnert Park or attend school in the Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District

GOVERNING AGENCY: Department of Public Safety-City of Rohnert Park

AGENCIES TO WHOM CLIENTS ARE REFERRED: S.A.Y., SCAYD, mental health private practitioners

Routes for Youth - Teen Court

3650 Standish Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA
Web home:

PURPOSE/MISSION: To provide opportunities and strategies for young people to educate and empower their peers, juvenile justice diversion and educational theater company.

STAFF: Two full-time, one part-time and 50+ volunteers.

ANNUAL BUDGET: $98,000.00

FUNDING SOURCES: Corporate, county, city and state funds, agency generated fee for service and fund raising

AGENCIES TO WHOM CLIENTS ARE REFERRED: The Volunteer Center, local substance abuse treatment facilities and education agencies.

Social Advocates for Youth

1303 College Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Web home:

PURPOSE: Primary service provided is both long-term and short-term counseling for youth and their families. Also offer prevention services, summer youth employment program, a 6 bed shelter used mainly in crisis situations, and counseling in elementary schools.

Sonoma County Associates for Youth Development (SCAYD)

5500 State Farm Drive, Suite F
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

PURPOSE: Coordinates the Healthy Kids Program with the Cotati-Rohnert Park School District providing on-site substance abuse prevention and counseling services. Also provides youth and family counseling on a donation basis.

Sonoma County M.E.N. (Men Evolving Non-violently)

P.O. Box 566
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

PURPOSE: A project of the Sonoma County Men's Support Center, which helps men change their violent behavior. Peer counseling groups address men's role in domestic violence.

See their web site at

Sonoma County Music Association

Sonoma County Music Association
491 South Main Street
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Mission: To strengthen the community through music, education, and performance.

See their web site at, especially the link to "Kids at Risk Program". Here's some inspiration for all of us to get out there and raise money to help kids at risk or already in the arms of the law.

Sonoma County Legal Services Foundation

1212 4th St. #I
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

This important agency provides us this description of their mission and work.

Sonoma County Center for Peace and Justice

Sonoma County Center for Peace & Justice
540 Pacific Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Office hours are 1-5 pm Monday through Friday.
Phone: (707) 575-8902 FAX: (707)575-8903

The Center Is An Affiliate Of the Fellowship Of Reconciliation

Visit the Peace and Justice Center web site at Center for Peace and Justice is a center of progressive change in Sonoma County.

United Against Sexual Assault

See UASA's web site at This nonprofit is undergoing changes right now. See their client services or public education links.

Klaas Foundation for Children

P.O. Box 925
Sausalito, CA 94966
(415) 331-6867; (415) 331-5633 (fax); (e-mail);

PURPOSE: The Klaas Foundation for Children's single objective is to stop crimes against children. It seeks to do this by engaging the foundation and your contribution in the areas of:

  • Promoting nationwide parental awareness and child safety information
  • Providing communities with proactive steps for creating safer neighborhoods
  • Educating the public on the necessity for establishing uniform laws to punish and monitor criminals who target children

We have researched and developed programs for concerned citizens, organizations and companies to become involved with our Foundation. We think it is too late to wait until our children become victimized or disappear to start addressing the problem.

The Klaas Foundation's program goals include:

  • Beyond Politics: Justice for our Children--A national summit educating legislatures on the necessity to implement uniform punishment and monitoring of criminals who target children from state to state
  • Community Empowerment Program--Pro-active programs that encourage community partnerships with law enforcement to create safe neighborhoods
  • CallHome Card--Give children the ability to access a series of pre-coded speed dial numbers from any pay phone without money
  • Educational Video Game--Non-violent, non-domineering game focused on building crime prevention technique for children through positive rewards
  • Klaaskids--Internet web site to act as a resource for concerned parents on children's issues. Includes programs, protection tips, Foundation issues, legislative and social resources. (See it for yourself!-Ed.)
  • Newsletter--Klaas Action Review, a quarterly publication dealing with a wide variety of children's issues. Featuring guest articles by acknowledged experts, a children's section and updates on Foundation activities
  • Distribution of child safety information through company sponsored Child Safety Days utilizing company meeting facilities to hold community empowerment meetings.

STAFF: There are no salaried employees, only two full-time volunteers and the support of volunteer consultants. This is a tax deductible, non-profit agency.

FUNDING: Individual donations.

CLIENTELE: Children, organizations, communities


Volunteer Center of Sonoma County

Adult and Juvenile Court Referral Program
1041 4th Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

PURPOSE: Placement at the appropriate work site for court ordered community service work.

STAFF: Three full-time, one to four part-time.

ANNUAL BUDGET: $130,000.00

FUNDING SOURCES: Sonoma County Municipal Court Grant (40%) and client fees (60%)

CLIENTELE: Adults and juveniles with mandatory, court ordered community service hours.

GOVERNING AGENCY: Volunteer Center of Sonoma County

AGENCIES TO WHOM CLIENTS ARE REFERRED: Non-profit and public agencies throughout the county.

Willow Creek Treatment Center

341 Irwin Lane
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Phone: 707.576.7218

Web home:

YWCA Sonoma County

PO Box 3506
Santa Rosa, CA 95402
DVSA crisis hotline at 707.546.1234
Administration phone: 707.546.9922

YWCA provides a 24 hour hotline and runs a confidential safe house for women and children fleeing domestic violence, as well as a therapeutic preschool for children who have witnessed domestic violence. We also partner with local law enforcement with an advocate in most of the police and sheriff's departments in the county. YWCA has the only facility for domestic violence in Sonoma County.

Web home:

California Homemakers Association

468 Yoland Avenue, Bldg. 1, Suite 2
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Phone: 707.591.9573

CMA is leading the fight for economic justice and living wages for domestic and other low-income workers in Sonoma County. By uniting the lowest-paid workers with students, business owners, clergy, homemakers and concerned community residents to demand change from the bottom up, we can regenerate and rebuild for our long-term future!

Community Support Network

Administrative Office
1430 Guerneville Road, Suite #1
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Voice: (707) 575-0979
Fax: (707) 577-8347

Community Support Network (CSN) is a non-profit agency which was incorporated in 1982 as an outgrowth of Karibu House, that was established in 1972. CSN provides a wide range of services to mentally ill and homeless adults. CSN offers a network of social services including residential alternatives to institutional care, social and vocational rehabilitation, chemical dependency counseling, case management, supportive housing, and other special social services.

Sonoma County Abalone Network (SCAN)

P.O. Box 3801
Santa Rosa, CA 95402.

Read the description of SCAN provided by Rocky Daniels at this web link.

Sonoma County Animal Shelter

Web site:
Phone: 707.565.7100
1247 Century Ct.
Santa Rosa, CA 95403-1043

Department of Emergency Services

Web site:
Office Phone Number: 707.565.1152
Fax: 707.565.1172

Self-Help Access Center (SHAC)

Web site:
Access Center
Courtroom 17
Hall of Justice
600 Administration Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon, and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. (Closed Wednesday afternoon)

The Self Help Access Center (SHAC) provides information and referrals to the public including legal advice and legal form preparation to income eligible self represented litigants. Form preparation and advice are not available if you already have an attorney assisting you, either formally or informally. The SHAC is located at the courthouse and provides family law and housing assistance five days a week.

SHAC is open full time and includes services to help with restraining orders, guardianships, housing issues and eviction defense. At SHAC paralegal and attorney staff will help clients with legal forms, and legal information. You will be seen on a "first come, first served" basis, you may have to wait if there is a long line. For issues of domestic violence and civil harassment, the Temporary Restraining Order clinic is open from 1:00 p.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. You must arrive for the clinic by 1:00p.m.

Office Phone Number: 707.542.1290