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Please read carefully if you are applying to the Osborn Elementary School Program

Program Information
The Fairfield Osborn Preserve environmental education program features elementary school field trips led by naturalists who have been trained in natural history, state content standards and environmental education skills.   The curriculum includes a 4-hour hike into the beautiful heart of the Preserve, as well as a teacher’s packet and a classroom visit to assist students with field trip readiness.  The program can accommodate grades 3 through 5 only and is focused on academic standards for these grades.

Fairfield Osborn Preserve school tours are available during the fall and spring seasons.  To be considered for a Preserve field trip, teachers must complete the on-line application. If you would prefer to print out the application, you may return it to: FOP Field Trip Reservations, 6543 Lichau Road, Penngrove, CA, 94951.  Applicants are chosen by lottery for inclusion in the program.  Please see the Preserve Calendar (click on the calendar tab on the Preserve Home) for available trip dates and application deadlines. 

We ask that teachers NOT apply together unless they must come on the same date to share a bus.  If two or more teachers must share a bus (with no more than 66 students total), we ask that each teacher fill out a separate on-line application and provide a note that they are applying jointly.

It is important to the success of our program that teachers share the entire experience with their students.  Therefore, we request that teachers be present both during the classroom visit and on the trail the day of the field trip.  Parent chaperones are required at a ratio of 1 adult per hiking group and no more.  There is a fee of $3 per student. Payments must be made in advance via credit card or check (mail only). We no longer accept payment on the day of the trip.  Adults are not charged.  Groups should plan to arrive at the Preserve at 9:45 AM and expect to depart at 2 PM (though earlier departures are permitted if school and/or bus schedules require such).

Please feel free to contact us with questions at: 707-664-2197 or

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If you selected "yes" for any of the categores listed under Proposed Activities, you may need campus, regional, state or federal permits to conduct your work. See our permit guide for information about permits you may need. Persons conducting activities on our Preserves are responsible for obtaining the appropriate permit(s) for their proposed activities and providing proof that they hold a copy. Please indicate if you hold any permits to conduct your proposed activities:

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Galbreath Preserve:

Osborn Preserve (Marjory Osborn Education & Research Center):
Regulations and Safety

Preserve rules and regulations are designed to ensure protection of resources and activities, and the safety of visitors and staff.  By submitting this form:

  1. I acknowledge that I have read the following information and will ensure compliance by all members of my group:
  2. I agree to:
    • submit a Preserve waivers for each visitor at least one business day in advance of visit, or arrange to hand forms to Preserve staff immediately upon entering Preserve.
    • notify Preserve staff before each visit.
    • not disturb or remove organisms, soil, rocks, artifacts, flags, posts or other markers without an approved application.
    • report but not move pre-historic or historic artifacts.
    • remove all materials brought to the Preserve (unless I obtain written approval). 
    • acknowledge SSU Preserves in publications and send copies to the Preserves Director.

Note:  When there is a risk of spreading Sudden Oak Death Syndrome, visitors must wash shoes before leaving. Washing requires one minute per visitor. Take this into account when scheduling trips.