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Environmental change is the challenge of our century. Now more than ever, we need programs and experiences that create in-depth understanding of how we shape our environment and how it in-turn shapes our quality of life, economy, and culture.

The Center place students, faculty, and community members on the front lines of understanding environmental change and finding management solutions in North Coast environments. We engage visitors in real-world environmental challenges that are hands-on, place-based, and collaborative among people with diverse perspectives. These experiences create lasting transformations that serve as the foundation of ideas and activities that make a difference.

Your investment creates an enduring legacy of innovation in environmental education, research and management. Together we will enhance understanding and appreciation of North Coast environments. Please join us and the many donors who are helping to make a change in people's lives. Contact Claudia Luke at, (707) 664-3416 or Michelle Covington at, (707) 664-4151.

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Your contributions are translated into training and learning activities that change peoples lives and our future. Give to general program support or choose from Center programs and student scholarships at a level that is right for you.

  • Guide (any amount that is right for you)
  • Explorer ($1,000 - $4,999)
  • Pioneer ($5,000 - $19,999)
  • Benefactor ($20,000 - $499,999)
  • Visionary (> $500,000)

Contact Claudia Luke, (707) 664-3416, to receive our annual newsletter and become a Friend of the Center.

Help Us Grow Facilities

Facilities are the cornerstone of education and research programs. Our goal is to create facilities that bring people together, providing places for an exchange of ideas between reseachers, students and community members. New faclities are an opportunity to demonstrate how we can live lightly on the land.

A full range of giving options is available through the SSU Development Office. For more information, please contact Michelle Covington at, (707) 664-4151.

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Thank you to Center donors!