Center Donors

Your donation makes Center programs possible. From the initial donation of lands that serve as outdoor classrooms to the funds that create and sustain transformational education programs, donor generosity creates a legacy of learning about North Coast environments. Donors participate with annual donations, one-time gifts, land donations, endowments, and estate gifts.

To receive our annual letter with information about student projects, accomplishments, and future developments, please send your contact information to Center Director, Claudia Luke.

We make every effort to accurately list our donors. If we have inadvertently left someone off this list, please let us know. Donors with an asterisk (*) next to their name have also provided support through an estate gift.

Visionaries (>$500,000)

Lands gifted by donors are the foundation of Center programs. These lands, natural processes, and history are the source of inspiration for all Preserve programs. We are indebted to their foresight and commitment in establishing these inspirational locations for investigation and learning about the environment.

  • Fred B. Galbreath Trust - Fred Galbreath, through his living trust, donated 3,670 acres in southern Mendocino County and established an endowment for operations of the Galbreath Wildlands Preserve. Fred Galbreath's love of the land and his dedication to making the natural world a priority in higher education leaves a legacy of learning for generations of students.
  • Bob and Sue Johnson* - Bob and his late wife Sue Johnson are inspirational supporters of Fred Galbreath's vision for a field site where students learn from the land. Their commitment and enthusiasm is creating access and infrastructure needed for dynamic educational programs at the Galbreath Wildlands Preserve.
  • William M. and Joan Roth* - Bill and Joan Roth gifted 450 acres of the Sonoma Mountain ridgeline to Sonoma State University in memory of Joan's father, Fairfield Osborn, Jr. Fairfield Osborn's legacy is a commitment to careful stewardship of natural resources and the Fairfield Osborn Preserve is a lasting contribution to finding innovative solutions to these challenges. Bill and Joan Roth continue to be key partners in Preserve programs and projects.

Benefactors (> $20,000)

Donors with cumulative donations of $20,000 - $499,999.

  • Georgette Skellenger
  • David and Terri Yost

Pioneers (> $5,000)

Donors with cumulative donations of $5,000 - $19,999.

  • Jean Schulz
  • Dan and Robbie Rhodes
  • Daphne W. Smith*

Explorers (>$1,000)

Donors with cumulative donations of $1,000 - $4,999 in the last 10 years.

  • Mike and Paula Aja
  • Nancy Galbreath Johnson
  • Barbara and Jake Mackenzie
  • Jacques and Barbara Schlumberger
  • Cindy and Bob Shaw
  • Catherine F. Tornabene
  • Cathy and Chuck Williamson

Guides (< $1,000)

Donors giving to the Center in the last 3 years.

  • Nathan L. Adams
  • Harold G. Alderman
  • David A. Ammerman
  • Susan V. Barnes
  • Philip H. Beard
  • Yael and Paul Bernier
  • John and Brenda Blom
  • John Brancome
  • Jon and Vina Breyfogle
  • Joe and Judy Brumbaugh
  • Ruth Burke
  • Redwood Empire Chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers
  • Kim and Michelle Covington
  • Jean Falbo
  • Yvette M. Fallandy
  • Norman Feldman
  • Dorothy E. Freidel
  • Paul and Linda Geiger
  • Judith and Mark Giampaoli
  • Miss Louise B. Hallberg
  • Paula Hammett and Bruce Hope
  • Ronald Hayes
  • Diane and Bryant Hichwa
  • Vincent and Margot Hoagland
  • Judith Hunt
  • Sharon and Al Janulaw
  • Richard and Sandra Karas
  • Bill and Lucy D. Kortum
  • Bill and Sue Krawetz
  • Ron Kroon
  • James Kuhns
  • Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation
  • Betty J. LeDonne
  • George and Kit Lee
  • Stephen D. Lewis
  • G. and F. Minervini-Zick
  • Rebecca Olsen
  • Laura B. Owens
  • Bruce and Cindy Petersen
  • Raymond and Rita Rapp
  • Mark and Margot Rawlins
  • Bruce Reinik
  • Mike and Sue L. Riley
  • John Sheehy and Laurie Szujewska
  • Jo-Ann Smith
  • Hugh and Diane Stevenson
  • James C. Stewart
  • Joseph and Eileen Tenn
  • Raye Lynn Thomas
  • David Walls
  • Janice Wilson