Galbreath Projects

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Cross-Preserve Projects

The Center engages students, faculty, partnering organization, and community members in all aspects of running preserves. Projects emerge from the needs and opportunities of each Preserve and are made possible with funding through grants, contracts and donor generosity. For more projects and independent research, see Info Hub.

Cultural Projects

Galbreath Cultural Resource Plan


Archaeology Master's student, Stacey Zolnoski, is working with Preserve staff to draft a Cultural Resource Plan for the Galbreath Wildlands Preserve.

Galbreath Oral History Project


Fred Galbreath managed the Galbreath Preserve as a working ranch for 56 years. The project describes his land management philosophy and the activities he undertook while managing the ranch. Resulting data includes maps, transcripts, and a summary of land management practices.

Bob Johnson Oral History Project


Dr. Bob Johnson, a generous donor to the Center, was awarded an honorary doctorate degree for his life's accomplishments from California State University in 2011. A series of three interviews resulted in transcripts and video about his life, work, family, and passion for preserving the vision of his father-in-law Fred Galbreath at the Galbreath Preserve.

Facility & Administration Projects

Master Plan for Galbreath Wildlands Facilities


With funding from donors Bob and Sue Johnson, we have begun a Master Plan for research and educational facility construction at the Galbreath Wildlands Preserve. RIM Architects was chosen to design a suite a energy efficient buildings that attracts faculty, students and researchers to study and learn about the lands of the Preserve.

Land & Water Management Projects

Sediment Prevention in the Navarro Watershed


Road related sediments are a non-point source pollutant detrimental to Coho salmon and steelhead trout. With $700,000 in funding from the EPA, the Center is collaborating with the Mendocino Resource Conservation District to undertake road work and riparian restoration to reduce sedimentation in the Rancheria Creek Watershed.

Galbreath Special Status Species Assessment

2010 - 2011

An assessment of the potential for 110 special status species to occur on Galbreath Preserve was undertaken as part of environmental planning for Preserve facilities. The analyses were conducted to additionally serve as a the basis for a Preserve management plan. Resulting data include maps of potential habitat and assessments of the likelihood of each species to occur within Preserve boundaries.