Preserves Marketing Project

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The Center creates educational and research experiences for disciplines across campus, yet the SSU community has limited awareness of Preserve opportunities. MBA students in Kyuho Lee's Strategic Branding class developed a strategy to raise awareness about the Center with the SSU campus and surrounding communities. 

Project Lead(s): Kyuho Lee, Annemarie Brown, Claudia Luke

Dates: Spring 2013

Scholarship: Service-learning; student assistantships

Course(s): Strategic Branding (BUS 563)

Funding: Center for Environmental Inquiry


Faculty:  Kyuho Lee (Business Administration)

Students: Kenneth Caviness, Andrea Chichester, Lana Clifford, Cliff Cochran, Josh Johnson, Stephen Kirschenmann, Talli Littleton, Mayra Martinez, Doug Miller, Kersten Reid, Clark Rupp, Lynette Sisemore, Jocelyn Sparso, Matthew Zewan

Partners: Business Administration; Center for Environmental Inquiry

During the first half of the semester, students divided into four teams competing to create the best marketing plan for the preserves. Each group provided a written report and powerpoint presentation to an Evaluation Team (Annemarie Brown, Michelle Covington, Claudia Luke, and Suzanne DeCoursey). Student reports and presentations included: reviews of existing activities (brand, competition and existing/past programs), analyses (target market, SWOT, promotional program situation), goals and objectives (marketing, advertising, integrated margeting communications, positioning campaign theme), recommendations (creative, direct marketing, internet/interactive, public relations) and planning tools (flowchart, measurement and evaluation, budget).

The Evaluation Team generated feedback indicating which of the ideas and plans would be adopted by the Center. During the second half of the semester, students worked together to present a Strategic Branding Final Product that included specific recommendations for website, survey and metrics, press release strategy and media brochure.