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grassland Management skills Curriculum

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Grassland management skills course graduate. Photo: Jim Coleman

The Grassland Management Skills Curriculum was developed as part of the Coastal Prairie Enhancement Feasibility Study and is meant to be used in tandem with the information provided on this website. The Curriculum focuses on teaching site-specific management planning strategies that enhance the abundance of native species. Introductory information enhances student appreciation and understanding of ecological factors that maintain healthy grasslands. Students then build on this initial knowledge by learning how to develop and modify their own grassland management prescriptions.

The Curriculum is modular, allowing instructors to pick and choose from activities targeting a wide variety of topics including species identification, disturbance ecology, and management skills. The Curriculum was field tested in 1-, 2- and 4-day trainings over a 3-year period with college students, land owners, ranchers, and agency biologists. With minimal substitutions, it can be used with K-8 students. All the information needed to teach the course (agendas, activity descriptions, presentations, reading materials, and quizes) is provided.

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bulletCurriculum Guide

bulletSession 1: Grassland Appreciation, Ecology and Species Identification

bulletSession 2: Grasslands Ecology and Management Tool Use

bulletSession 3: Land Management Strategies and Technologies

bulletSession 4: Management Planning and Learning Evaluation

Curriculum guide

bulletConcept of Use (pdf) - A brief description of pedagogical concepts used to design the curriculum, notes on how to use the materials, topics covered, and a description of the curriculum materials included.

Session 1: Grasslands appreciation, ecology, and species identification

bulletAgenda Session 1


bulletPresentations: “California Grasslands: Biodiverse Landscapes in a Biodiverse Region” (8 Mb ppt) (Ecology and Diversity)

bulletSupporting Materials

Session 2: grasslands ecology and management tool use

bulletAgenda Session 2


bulletSupporting Materials

Session 3: land management strategies and technologies

bulletAgenda Session 3

bulletActivities: Vegetation Mapping (Management Skills: Mapping)

bulletPresentations: “How to Cheat at Land Management” (2 Mb ppt) (Management Skills: Strategies)

bulletSupporting Materials: California Coastal Prairies Website (as Digital Textbook)

Session 4: management planning and learning evaluation