Welcome to SWEEP's Home Page

These Web pages describe service-learning classes and projects managed by SSU faculty in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) disciplines as part of the Sustainable Waterways Educational Engagement Program (SWEEP).

We hope this information will inspire additional successful partnerships between students, faculty, and partner organizations.

Who Should Read This

The intended audience for these pages is classified as follows:

    General - Those who want an introduction to SSU's approach to service-learning in the STEM disciplines.

    Faculty - Those who want to:

    • Learn from or build upon the work of colleagues when developing their own service-learning curriculum.
    • Participate in developing a curriculum for the twenty-first century that offers both horizontal and vertical integration of couse materials.
    • Make their courses more sustainable. (See Sustainability Certification.)

    Service-Learning Partners - Organizations who are partnering with SSU or who are interested in partnering with SSU.

    Student Assistants - Those students who assist faculty in delivering service-learning curriculum.

    Students - Those who are engaged in completing service-learning projects as part of their college experience and want to understand more about service-learning theories and practices.

How These Web Pages Are Organized

Information has been grouped into the following sections:

  1. A description, rationale, and assessment of projects funded by the Learn and Serve America grant. (See Introduction to Service-Learning in the STEM Disciplines at SSU.)
  2. Profiles of partnerships that support service-learning in the STEM disciplines. (See On-Campus Partners.)
  3. Information about our achievements. (See Featured Service-Learning Projects and Classes, Academic Achievement, Civic Engagement, and Community Impact.)
  4. Information about how faculty, students, and organizations can get involved with service-learning at SSU. (See Get Involved: Service Learning Opportunities at SSU.)
  5. Resources, including links to related materials like webinars. (See Resources.)


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