Off-Campus Community Partners

In 2010-2011, the Learn and Serve grant provided support to help manage service-learning partnerships to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Help students achieve academic goals.
  • Help students become more civically engaged.
  • Encourage cross-fertilization of ideas when developing new projects and new partnerships.
  • Increase the impact service projects had upon local organizations and communities.

Locating funds to continue management of service-learning partnerships beyond 2010-2011 will help maintain existing partnerships, allow for key outcomes to be promoted across organizations, and support assessment, reflection and continued growth, especially for newer, more ambitious, or more costly projects.

See SWEEP Funding for more information about how the Learn and Serve grant allowed for coordination of service projects and management of partnerships in 2010-2011.

List of Off-Campus Partners

In 2010-2011, SSU students involved in service-learning projects in the STEM disciplines partnered with many off-campus organizations, including the following:

  1. Bayer Farm
  2. California Department of Fish and Game
  3. California Native Plant Society (Milo Baker Chapter)
  4. Children's Museum of Sonoma County
  5. California Rare Fruit Growers
  6. Cloverdale Ag Days
  7. Cotati Creek Critters
  8. Gold Ridge RCD
  9. Hahn School (Science Night)
  10. Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation
  11. Marin Ag Days
  12. Nature Conservancy
  13. Pepperwood Preserve
  14. Pepperwood Wildflower Festival
  15. Sonoma County Fish and Wildlife Commission
  16. Sonoma County School Garden Network
  17. Sonoma County Ag Days
  18. Sonoma Environmental Education Collaborative (SEEC)
  19. Sonoma Land Trust
  20. SSU Field Stations & Nature Preserves