Thank You for Submitting a Request for Use of Facilities and Services

Prior to your event being confirmed, the following will happen:

  1. You will receive an email from asking you to sign your request through DocuSign.
  2. Once you sign the request, it will be sent to your President or Treasurer to sign.
  3. Once your President or Treasurer signs, it will be sent to your Advisor to sign
  4. Once your Advisor signs, it will be sent to the appropriate Student Involvement Advisor to sign. Your Student Involvement Advisor may ask that you meet with them prior to signing off on your request.
  5. Once the Student Involvement Advisor signs, your request will be sent to Conference and Event Services for signing. CES may need to contact you with questions regarding your request.
  6. CES will schedule your event in 25Live, the campus scheduling system, and attach the event confirmation to the fully signed RUFAS. You will receive another email when this is completed.

Facilities and services are not reserved or held until you have received the completely signed RUFAS with event confirmation.


To track the progress of your RUFAS, please sign up for the free Docusign service at Your DocuSign account email address must be same as your email address on the RUFAS. All of your requests will show up on the site and/or mobile app where you can sign and see who needs to sign your request.

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