Update your alumni listing:

SSU maintains an active contact list for all SSU chemistry alumni. Updating your contact information will allow us to contact you for alumni reunions, send you department newsletters, and help make job connections.

If you are interested in updating your listing please e-mail the following information to Dr. Steve Farmer

Please include:

Name at time of graduation
Current mailing address
Current e-mail address
Current employer and job title

Connect with other alumni and emeritus faculty:

The SSU chemistry department maintains a Facebook page devoted to alumni. Many emeritus faculty and chemistry alumni have Facebook pages, and you can connect with them by joining the alumni page.

The alumni page can be found by searching Facebook for "Sonoma State Chemistry Alumni" or clicking the link below. The page is open for all to join.

Alumni Facebook Page

Give an alumni seminar:

The chemistry department is holding seminars year-round. Seminars given by chemistry alumni are especially prized because it shows our current students what is possible with a chemistry degree from SSU. Many of our emeritus faculty regularly attend these seminars.

Currently, we have seminar funds so we may be able to help pay for your travel expenses to visit the campus. If you are interested in giving an alumni seminar please e-mail Dr. Steve Farmer










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