The chemistry department of Sonoma State University strives to maintain the highest quality education and research that can be afforded to our students.  Nevertheless, the ability of the department to sustain that level of excellence becomes more difficult with each passing year due to the escalating costs in our general operations.  Gifts to the SSU Academic Foundation are tax deductible.  If you are interested in donating to the department, the first question that may come to mind is what the most critical needs of the department are.  Some of the most important needs are given below:

Nichols Equipment Fund
An integral component of the chemistry curriculum at SSU has been the students' "hands on" experience using the available instrumental methods within the department. We have an extensive array of scientific equipment available for use by the undergraduates in both formal coursework and research.  However, some of the instruments are rather old and in need of upgrades, or complete replacement.  Our next large purchase will hopefully be a new 400 MHz NMR for the department.

Chemistry Department Fund
This fund is to be used for the general benefit of the chemistry department and its programs.  Donations into this account are typically used to facilitate program growth and development, enhance classroom and laboratory technology, and many other important department needs. Also, this fund supports the travel of faculty to conferences and professional meetings or to participate in professional activities that enhance the visibility of the SSU Chemistry program. 


Thanks to Our Donors
We would like to thank all of the donors to the SSU Chemistry Program. Your generous gifts have allowed us to attract exceptional students to our program and provide learning opportunities that exceed those allowed by our annual budget. We sincerely hope that we have not left anyone off this list, if we have please let us know so we can recognize your generosity.

Thank you!!

Kalama Reuter

Iraj Afshar

Peter G. Allyn M.D.

Timothy and Janice Aoki

Rachel Bogard

Thomas Michael Boyle

James Brasset

Victor and Sandra Brazil

Richard Brown

Tonja Y. Chi

Eric and Amy Christeson

John Collins and Kimberly Blinoff

Randall E. Cullen

Aron J. Deorsey

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew DiMeola

Maribeth T. Duffy

Alan R. Eaton

David Eck


James Engleman and Claire Witherspoon

Dr. Sharon N. Farber

Robert Fromuth MD

Gabriella Gazzano/John Lehmann

Vin and Margo Hoagland

Elizabeth C. Hopkirk

Rohaizah Ismail

Franklin and Shelia Jurik

Marvin L. Kientz

William Kingsbury & Deirdre Taber

James Kramer and Nancy Smrcka

Kenneth Kropidlowski

Valerie J. Leppert and Ronald Simenauer

Daryl and Jennifer Mabley

Donald MacLean

John F. Maddox

Don and Margaret Marshall


Gary and Irene Masada

James W. Moyer

Daniel and Kathleen Mucklin

Barry Nemrow D.P.M.

Robert S. Newmark

Joel and Lori Peelen

Kirk D. Rector

Kathleen E. Reed

Victor and Elizabeth Reindahl

Douglas and Sonija Rustad

Janet and Gordon Stearns

Gordon Tadewaldt

Jon M. Tatro

John and Louise Throne

Dale and Elaine Trowbridge

Evert Verschuyl

Cheryl Watson



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