IEEC Student Club

Are you interested in meeting new friends from around the world? Have you ever wanted to practice a new language or experience new cultures? Join SSU’s club for bringing together international and American students – the International Education Exchange Council (IEEC)!

The IEEC seeks to create a social network for all SSU students who are interested in international cultures, foreign languages, or studying abroad. Club members include many who have studied abroad or who are studying abroad at SSU from different states and countries. The IEEC welcomes all students!

The IEEC hosts its weekly Coffee & Culture event every Thursday from 12-1pm in International Hall 106. Students can hang out, drink coffee, try exotic snacks, and enjoy international discussions! In addition to the weekly meeting, the IEEC also plans local trips throughout the semester for its members. Past trips have included:

  • Giants Baseball Games
  • Armstrong Redwoods Hike
  • Bodega Bay Getaway
  • Sonoma County Wine Barrel Tasting
  • Warriors Basketball Games
  • International Thanksgiving
  • Halloween Pumpkin Carving
  • Lagunitas Brewery Tour & Tasting
  • ack London State Park Hike

...and many more!

To become an IEEC member, simply ask one of the Ambassadors in the blue t-shirts at the Center for International Education front desk. It’s only $3 for a lifetime membership, which gives you access to fun activities and trips for FREE or at a significant discount.

Join IEEC today and open your horzons to new experiences with people from all over the world!