Sonoma International Teaching Experience (SITE)

Department of Modern languages and Literatures (MLL)

The MLL department would like to invite you to participate in the Sonoma International Teaching Experience (SITE). This is an opportunity for international students seeking tutoring and teaching experience during their studies at SSU.

Although our SITE certificate program is currently on hold, we still encourage you to apply to become a Language Teaching Assistant (LTA) in French, German, or Spanish, and benefit from the Sonoma International Teaching Experience!

We are seeking motivated German, French, and Spanish-speaking students from abroad who are interested in gaining teaching experience at SSU. The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers international students interested in language teaching a unique opportunity to gain teaching and tutoring experience at an American university.

LTAs support our language learners inside and outside the classroom: They assist the language instructor (i.e. by teaching mini-modules on language, history or culture), and they also offer extra-curricular activities, such as tutoring students, organizing events through the language clubs, or facilitating film series.

As an LTA you will take a course, "Practicum in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching" (French, German, or Spanish 495), in the fall and in the spring. You may also take courses in Teacher Education or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). See the list of SITE courses below.

Students currently enrolled at SSU, who are exceptionally proficient in French, German, or Spanish, may also be considered as a Language Teaching Assistant.

For more information about our LTA Program, including the application procedure, please contact the following professors:

  • For French, contact Dr. Christine Renaudin (
  • For German, contact Dr. Michaela grobbel (
  • For Spanish, contact Dr. Robert Train (

Recommended Courses

Please check the SSU General Catalog and the department websites below for information and updates about course descriptions and prerequisites.

Teacher Education

Department Website

  • EDUC 417 School and Society (3 units; fall and spring)
  • EDSS 418 Learning and Development in Adolescents (3 units; fall and spring)
  • EDEC 420 Child Development in Family, School, and Community (3 units; fall and spring)
  • EDSS 442 Middle/Secondary Teaching in Multicultural Settings (4 units; fall)
  • EDSS 444 Teaching in the Content Areas (4 units; fall)
  • EDSS 446 Language and Literacy Across the Curriculum: Middle and Secondary Schools (4 units; fall)

English Teaching

Department Website

  • EDTE 540 Theories and Research in Second Language Acquisition (3 units; fall)
  • EDTE 541 Advanced Pedagogical Grammar for Teaching ESL/EFL (3 units; spring)
  • EDTE 542 Teaching Multilingual Writers (3 units; spring)
  • EDTE 544 Advanced Methods of Teaching ESL/EFL (3 units; fall)
  • EDTE 545 Special Topics in ESL/EFL (3 units; fall)