Costs & Financial Aid

The National Student Exchange program allows students to affordably study at out-of-state universities! There are two payment plans when studying away through NSE, and both plans allow students to use financial aid! For more information on which plan will be the best fit for you and your financial aid package, be sure to attend an Information Meeting and meet with the study away advisor!

To research school options, plan availability, as well as information on fees, be sure to go to the National Student Exchange website at

NSE Plan A “Pay Away”

You will pay the in-state tuition, fees, and housing price of the out-of-state school you will be attending. Federal aid, such as Pell Grants and Loan will go with you, and in most cases you will be able to apply for in-state aid at the school you will be attending. Please keep in mind that some scholarships and waivers are not applicable on Plan A.

NSE Plan B “Leave it Be”

You will still be paying SSU tuition and fees, even though you are not currently here! You will pay housing costs and some fees towards the host institution. As you are still paying SSU, all of your current financial aid! All of it!!

For more information, you can contact the study away advisor, as well as the SSU Financial Aid office at