Costs & Financial Aid

Want to know the best part about studying abroad? It is incredibly affordable! Through CSU International Programs, you will be paying CSU tuition and fees, no matter where you go! Additionally, as you are still paying the CSU, you will be able to receive ALL OF YOUR FINANCIAL AID! Furthermore, as you are still paying that CSU price, the only different is cost of living, so you can actually save money while abroad!

For example:

CSU International Programs (Spain) Cost
CSU Tuition & Fees $5,472
Non-Resident Tuition $0
Study Abroad Fee $750
IP Insurance $225
Departure Processing $70
Group Activities - Spain: Jaen $1,000
Round-trip Airfare: Spain $1,750
Room & Board - Spain: Jaen $8,300
Other Expenses* - Spain: Jaen $895
Personal - Spain: Jaen $3,500
Total $21,962
CSU Average Cost
Tuition & Fees $6,494
Books & Supplies $1,652
Food & Housing $11,379
Transportation $1,290
Personal Expenses $2,751
Total $23,566

All program estimates, as well as other important information, can be found on the CSU IP website at For more information and to start the application process, come by the Center for International Education and attend an Information Meeting!