Courses and Requirements:


With a practical, historical, and analytical approach, students will graduate with a well-rounded understanding of different media outlets. The courses offered within the Communciations department allow students to not only gain useful skills (ie. video editing, radio broadcasting), but also give students an opportunity to aquire a more critical and analytical mindset when approaching the media world.

Students are required to complete a two-course sequence in at least one of the following fields; Video production, Radio Broadcast, Media Writing, and/or Public Relations. It is highly recommended that students take classes from other sequences in order to gain knowledge and experience from a variety of fields.

The Communications Deparment wants to make sure their students obtain as much experience as they can. Students will be required to complete a minimum of 180 hours as an intern at the organization of their choice. It is a perfect opportunity for students to apply what they've learned in class into the workforce. The Deparment helps by providing internship listings, but it is the student's responsiblity to secure a position.

Check out the Major Requirements page and Class Descriptions page to see what you have to do and how you'll do it!
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