PROGRAM Requirements:
•   Major Core (24): All students complete 24 units of required coursework.
•   Major Skill (4): All students complete 4 units of skill coursework
•   Major Outlet (8): All students complete 8 units of media outlet coursework.
•   Major Electives (8): All students complete 8 units of COMS elective courses.


CORE COURSES (24 units required)
COMS 200 Principles of Media Communication or COMS 160 A/B Media & Society [also A3/C3 GE]
COMS 202 Methods of Media Criticism or COMS 162 A/B Media Literacy [also A3/C3 GE]
COMS 301 Media Theory and Research
COMS 302 Media Ethics and Law
COMS 402 Senior Seminar
COMS 499 Media Internship

SKILL COURSES (4 units required—additional units can be used for COMS Elective credit)
COMS 201 Video Production
COMS 210 Web and Print Journalism
COMS 240 Public Relations
COMS 265 Radio and Audio Production
COMS 320 Selected Topics
COMS 322 Broadcast Journalism
COMS 323 Health, Science, and Environmental Journalism
COMS 324 Scriptwriting for TV
COMS 325 New Media
COMS 326 Advanced Presentation Techniques

MEDIA OUTLETS (8 units required—additional units can be used for COMS Elective credit)
COMS 340 PR Firm
COMS 368 The Star
COMS 369 Studio Blue

ELECTIVES (8 units required)
COMS 273 Selected Topic: Media Pop Culture
COMS 275 21st Century Television as Art
COMS 320 Selected Topics
COMS 321 International Communications
COMS 327 Media and Children
COMS 329 Reality TV and Film
COMS 435 Seminar in Mass Media (Cross-listed with SOCI 435)

Majors may take 4 units of Elective credit outside the department from the following list:
AMCS 392 Ethnic Images in Film {also a C1}
ARTS 310 Difital Imaging
Cals 393 Chicano/Latino Cinema {also C1}
ENGL 368 Small Press Editing
FR 300 Literary Analysis & Critical Writing {also C3}
FR 314 Special Topics in French Culture {also C2}
GER 314 Literature & Culture of the German-Speaking World {also C2}
LIBS 320C Film Theory & Narrative
NAMS 338 Native Americans in the Cinema {also C1}
SOCI 435 Media Censorship
SPAN 300 Advanced Spanish Language {also C3}
THAR 120 Fundamentals of Acting

NOTE:  4 Elective units are also earned by any of the following: 1) The COMS 160A/B LC  or COMS 162A/B LC(which yields 4 Elective units for the year); 2) Taking an extra/additional Skill or Media Outlet course; or 3) Taking an approved course in another Arts & Humanities department.