Start Planning Early

Advising in Communication Studies is done by last name. Make an appointment with your appropriate advisor. Get advising early - it can help you plan your semester and career as a COMS major. Set up an appointment with your advisor directly via email or phone, or visit during their posted office hours.

Assigned Advisors: Spring 2018 as of 1/22/18

A - D: Emily Acosta Lewis
E - K: Ed Beebout
L - Ri: Elizabeth Burch
Ro - Z: Melinda Barnard

You may also seek General Education advising from Donna Galbressi, A&H Generalist Advisor, in the Arts and Humanities Advising Center, Rachel Carson 66, during her office hours. Please email Donna to make an appointment at
Mondays: 12:30 - 4PM
Tuesdays: 9 - 11:30 AM & 12:30 - 4 PM
Wednesdays: 9 AM - Noon

Thursdays: Closed
Fridays: 9 AM - Noon

Graduating Seniors

Get your graduation forms signed early and be aware of the University's deadlines. You must get your graduation form signed by your assigned advisor first, then by Ed Beebout, Communication Studies Department Chair.

Additional Notes

Because of high demand in our major, students take courses in the following order. This is true even if you have early registration, are an athlete or have any other entitlements. Please read this carefully so you understand what course you can get when.
Please be advised that given the current budget constraints, Coms cannot guarantee you will graduate by your desired graduation date.

Coms 160A/B
or 162A/B: All freshman must take this Learning Community sequence for fall and spring. These will fulfill Coms credits as well as A3 and C3 GE requirements.

Coms 200 or Coms 202
: You must complete both of these introductory core classes before registering for upper division core. Do not expect to get both classes in the same semester. If you completed one or both of these at a junior college, do not repeat them here at SSU. Instead, fill out the Course Substitution form and have it signed by your advisor.

Coms 301 and/or Coms 302
: You must have Junior standing at 60 units or more to register for these two classes, however you may not get into these classes until you are at 70+ units. This is true for all majors. Do not expect to get both classes in the same semester.

Coms 402 and 499
: We expect you to take Coms 499 during your last year and Coms 402 during your last semester as we want you to experience them in the same cohort you will graduate with. You need to be at 90 units to take these senior level classes.

Coms Skill Sequences:
You must take a beginning and advanced skill class. Typically, these are available in a fall-spring sequence. Please do not take more than one sequence.

Coms Electives
: You must complete 16 units of Coms electives or 4 classes. You can repeat our media labs, SSU-TV, KSUN & The STAR for up to 12 units.