About Our Faculty

The faculty of the Counseling Department represent one of the major strengths of the Department; the composition of the faculty has been carefully planned so that the differing areas of expertise meet the clinical, theoretical, and personal growth needs of our students. Faculty are expected to be generalists in terms of possessing experience both as practitioners and researchers; at the same time, differing approaches to counseling theory and practice offer students a variety of perspectives and resources. Thus, all our faculty are equipped to teach the essential skill-building courses in the program, the Practicum (510A &510B) and Supervised Internship (514A &514B), while individual specializations and interest lead to the pattern of assignment of other courses. The following summary highlights the interests and activities of each faculty.

Dr. Adam Zagelbaum

Title: Associate Professor, Department Chair

Nichols 220A
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Dr. Adam Hill

Title: Associate Professor

Nichols 232
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Dr. Julie Shulman

Title: Associate Professor
Program Coordinator CMHC

Nichols 230
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Dr. Silvio Machado

Title: Assistant Professor

Nichols 235
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