Frequently Asked Questions

    1. I have a question about prerequisite courses and CBEST:

      PPS applicants have additional prerequisites (beyond the Personality Theory class). These include:
      1.      A course in child development.
      2.      Documentation that they have passed the CBEST (a requirement to obtain the PPS credential in School Counseling).
      3.      Students accepted into the School Counseling track will need to provide evidence of a current and valid Certificate of Clearance prior to the start of classes.

    2. All prerequisite courses should be completed before beginning M.A. classes in the Fall of the student’s entry year.  Students may enter the program with prerequisite courses that are not complete, but it is strongly discouraged because it will delay the student’s course of studies.  Prerequisite courses not completed by the end of the Fall semester of the student’s entry year will result in the student being blocked from entering classes in the Spring.
    3. We do not require the GRE.
    4. What if I don’t know if a prerequisite is what I need?  Send a course description to the coordinator of the department and she will have a faculty member look at it for approval.
    5. How many units can be transferred into the program?  up to 18 acceptable units; these transferrable units will not be looked at until you have been accepted into the program, then your faculty advisor will look at your transcript.
    6. When will I hear something?  The average wait time to receive notification after the deadline can range between three and six  weeks.          
    7. If you have questions regarding fees please go to the Graduate Studies website: and click on the Fees/Charges link. If you are applying to the program then you should apply for financial aid at the same time.
    8. Students interested in pursuing scholarship funding are strongly encouraged to contact the SSU Scholarship office. Applications for scholarships occur only once per year, and it is important to attend to the scholarship deadline (typically in January). Students may apply for scholarships prior to being admitted to the program. If they do not ultimately enter the MA in Counseling program, they will forfeit any earned scholarships. Scholarship information is located at: