Option 1 - CMHC: MFT & LPCC Licensure

Major Core Requirements
Course Title Units
COUN 501 Counseling Theories & Professional Orientation 4
COUN 510A Applied Counseling Techniques & Assessment 4
COUN 513 Research, Evaluation, and Assessment In Counseling 4
COUN 515A CMHC (only) Supervised Field Experience I 4
COUN 514B CMHC (only) Supervised Field Experience II 4
COUN 570 Multicultural Counseling 4

Total units in the MA core: 24

Completion of the Community Counseling/Marriage and Family Therapy (CC/MFT) option, in addition to the major core requirements above, satisfies all academic requirements in order to be eligible for the MFT examination. If the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) mandates changes in curriculum for MFT trainees, the Department of Counseling will revise courses accordingly so the curriculum remains in compliance with BBS standards.

Option 1 Requirements
Course Title Units
COUN 502 Whole Lifespan Development: Child & Adolescent Development 4
COUN 503 Clinical Diasgnosis & Treatment Planning 4
COUN 510B Applied Counseling Practicum & Advanced Techniques 4
COUN 512 Theory and Practice of Group Counseling 4
COUN 515A CMHC (only) Supervised Field Experience I 4
COUN 515B CMHC (only) Supervised Field Experience I 4
COUN 540 Counseling Diverse Couples & Families 4
COUN 545 Counseling Orientation, Law & Ethics & Case Management Practices 4
COUN 580 Couples & Sexuality Counseling 4
COUN 582 Psychopharmacology for Counselors 3
COUN 583 Substance Abuse & Dependence 2

Total units in MA Option I: 41
Total units for the MA: 60

All Master's candidates are required to complete a project representing a comprehensive and integrative understanding of the field of Counseling. Projects include a case analysis and a standardized exit exam.

Six hundred clock hours of supervised field experience are required for the CMHC option.

Community College Counseling Credential

Neither the CMHC nor the School Counseling tracks are designed to meet the requirements of the Community College Counseling Credential.