Campus Outreach

CAPS staff provide a range of outreach activities toward fulfilling the mission of promoting mental health on campus through prevention, education, training, consultation and collaboration. If you would like to request an outreach activity, please contact CAPS at 707-664-2153.


CAPS counselors provide presentations to campus organizations, classrooms, and groups that request them.  The most frequent requests are for information on CAPS services, mental health, coping, and suicide prevention.  CAPS also provides orientation presentations to incoming students over the summer.


CAPS counselors provide trainings to the campus community upon request as well as part of planned mental health promotion.  Trainings include QPR suicide prevention training and sexual assault prevention and response training.

Event Coordination

CAPS plays a primary role in coordinating two major events during the academic year; Mental Health Awareness Week during the Fall semester and Sexual Assault Prevention Month in the Spring semester.

Discussion Groups

CAPS counselors coordinate discussion groups as part of the outreach program.  Notably CAPS staff facilitate the Women of Color Collective which is cohosted with the HUB.

Mental Health Ambassador Internship

CAPS will be hosting an internship site for students to engage in peer to peer mental health promotion and social justice.  The program is coordinated by the Outreach Coordinator and accepts 6-8 students per academic year.

Liaison to Campus Partners

CAPS staff serve as mental health liaisons to multiple departments on campus.


CAPS staff provide informational and educational tabling upon request as well as part of planned mental health promotion.


CAPS updates the website to provide informational and educational materials to the campus community.

Advisory Committees

CAPS staff serve on a range of advisory committees on the SSU campus including the committees related to sexual assault, diversity, alcohol and drug education, and the CARE and BIT teams.