Copeland Creek

Sonoma State University is located in southern Sonoma County adjacent to the city of Rohnert Park, approximately 50 miles north of San Francisco. The 269-acre campus is bisected by a segment of Copeland Creek. The campus site is located in the eastern portion of the Laguna de Santa Rosa watershed, which eventually flows into the Russian River. The Laguna de Santa Rosa receives a portion of its water from several drainages and creeks on Sonoma Mountain, including Copeland Creek, which flows east to west through the campus, and Hinebaugh Creek, which flows east to west approximately one third mile north of the campus. Copeland Creek is a steelhead-bearing stream with significant habitat and ecological value. It consists of a semi-natural channel within the campus.

Capital Planning, Design and Construction employs several strategies as outlined in the University's Copeland Creek Policy to maintain, monitor, protect and promote the native bio diversity of Copeland Creek. The Copeland Creek Committee meets every semester to assess creek activity and identify areas of the creek that require attention to protect bio diversity while maintaining a safe environment for teaching and learning.

The Copeland Creek Master Plan, CC Master Plan Maps, and CC Stream Inventory Report, dated 2000 provides the guiding principles and vision of the creek, goals and implementation of creek management.

Individuals or groups who want to conduct any activity with the creek boundaries and buffer zones within Sonoma State University’s segment of the creek must complete the application for Conducting Activity within the Copeland Creek Protection and Buffer Zones.